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1 A.M. by Rebecca Zook


Rain’s a Comin’ by Layne Johnson


Enchanted Vista by Layne Johnson


Post Oak Rock by Layne Johnson


And The Sky Came Down by Layne Johnson


Blissful Bovine By Marybeth Otway


Rainy Blues By Sheri Jones


Wild Country By Ed Crumley


High Noon By Rex Miller


Sawtooth By Rex Miller


Sunset Campsite By Ann Rogers


Nature’s Wild Garden By Sheri Jones


Wild Blue Yonder By Sharon Hodges


Willow City Spring By Kyle Wood


Hill Country Splendor By Vern Rollin III


Shadows in the Mist By Vern Rollin III


Children of the Dawn By Vern Rollin III


Eternal Grace By Vern Rollin III


Texoma Sundown By Vern Rollin III


Arbor Hills By Vern Rollin III


Seabrook Seagrass By Kay Wyne


Home Run Porch By Jacob T. Secrest


Poppies By Elaine Monnig


Castelfranc By Elaine Monnig