Express Your Personality And Style With Custom Framing
Surround yourself with the people, places and art that you love. Personalizing your home or work space with custom framing is a great way to express your personality and tailor framing to match your personal style.

What to expect.
When you visit us, generally we will ask you questions about the room where the piece will hang.
Typically, we ask the colors and style of the room. You can take things a step further by taking a few photos showing different views of the room where the new framing will hang. This will give us a clearer picture of your personal style to help us choose the best frame design for your specific needs. It also helps to provide the approximate size of your room, especially the wall where the framed piece will hang. Let us know the ceiling height, if it isn’t standard. With matted pieces, we may be able to adjust proportions a bit to help the completed pieces relate to the room better.

Need ideas?
Here are just a few of the hundreds of custom framing projects that we’ve had the pleasure to create.

Sand and Surf: A Love Story

Highlight a special event in your life by creating a custom collage. We will help you arrange the photos and frames to create a clean, professional look.

Wedding Details

Mat details work with the frame to add character to this wedding keepsake.

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