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Lake Highlands George The Rooster

Guess Who Gave Us A Pecking Review?

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Ancient Artists Shared Their Passions On Their Walls What’s Stopping You?

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Fine Art Custom Framing

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Custom Framing in DallasThere are thousands of frame and mat combinations to choose from, so the design possibilities are unlimited. You can mix and match colors and styles to create frame designs to accentuate the best attributes in any piece of art, portraits or memorabilia. We have experience in carefully considering the subject, era, style and color scheme of all sorts of items being framed. When each of them is carefully considered, the resulting frame design is more likely to be in sync with the art.

We carry frames from Larson-Juhl, Monarch, Roma, CBK, CMI, Arquati, AMPF and many more. All our frames are expertly handcrafted and are built to last. We guarantee it!

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