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Adam Hats, Deep Ellum by Katrina Marie Rasmussen


Almost Home by Steve Miller


Barcelona Blues by Martin Sanchez


Dancers At The Bar By Jacob T. Secrest


Diver by Dennis Crayon


Don’t Peek Mummy – It’s a Surprise! by Marion Vidal


First Collection by Mary Nickell


Flaming June By Steve Hahn


Forget Me Knot by Bob Shepherd


La Femme IV By Debra Latham


Last Day by Mary Nickell


Rainy Day by Hebe Brooks


Resting Place By Steve Hahn


Straying by Steve Hahn


The Gondolier by James Swanson


The Wrangler By Barron Postmus


Unregistered Guest by Kristine Byars


Up In High Country By Barron Postmus


Headin’ Out By Barron Postmus


The Runner By Thao Le


Remembering By Pat Meyer


Indio Atanka Iyotanka (Toro Sentado) By Julius Lira Salazar


The Drive Of An Outlaw By Thao Le


Little Black Dress By Judy Mackey