Dutch Art Gallery offers a full selection of hand-tooled leather tabletop frames and custom frames from House of Mercier. Select leather boxes and trunks are featured in the gallery. This is just a sampling of what is available.

About House of Mercier
Leather frames, leather furniture, and leather accessories are made of fine Peruvian material. The hand tooling is an ancient technique used in Peru for more than 500 years. Long legacies of generations of training to hand down the knowledge of the techniques and experience in producing quality products.

“Our people used to work in the saddle business, providing to the horseman the well known El Caballo The Paso saddles. Each hide has been carefully chosen. We look for the right quality and gauge that will allow the proper tooling, texture and finishing. Every piece is handmade by our expert craftsman that use special tools made by them to create the beautiful patterns developed exclusively for House of Mercier.”