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Autumn Glow by Lisa Adams Reed


Blue Ephemeral by Keith Williams


Bluebonnets in the Early Afternoon by Liz Rugg


Canyons-Stained Glass by Sharon Hodges


Dancing Tulips by Diane McKenna


Do You See What I See? by Ramona Freeman


Evening At White Place By Doris Vasek


Evening Glow by Lisa Adams Reed


Green Ephemeral by Keith Williams


Hieroglyphics by Sharon Hodges


Hieroglyphics by Sharon K. Hodges


Hill Country By Doris Vasek


January 6 By Doris Vasek


Landscape I By Arie Van Selm


Landscape II By Arie Van Selm


Perplexity by Ellie Taylor


Prickly Pear 1 by Kay Wyne


Prickly Pear II by Kay Wyne


September 1 By Doris Vasek


September 18 By Doris Vasek


Something to Crow About by Kay Wyne


The Beauty Within by Charice Cooper


The Sound of Red by Charice Cooper


Town by the Lake by Liz Rugg