Custom Framing Services

From classic sophistication to contemporary, all types of framing styles are available in our shop. At Dutch Art Gallery, we work with you to create the perfect look tailored for your personal style. Our framers are skilled at creating a frame that is not only beautiful, but one that will stand the test of time.

  • Over 1,500 framing samples
  • Hundreds of mats and fillets (including colors, textures), fabric mats, and ornate or plain fillets
  • 3 different kinds of museum-quality glass
  • 2 kinds of acrylic glazing

Conservation and Archival Framing

We specializes in conservation and archival framing. In addition to looking great, our hand-crafted frames will help protect and preserve your art, documents and shadowbox items.

Shadowbox Framing

Shadowbox framing is the perfect way to display and protect your most precious treasures. We are experienced in archival preservation techniques ensuring your items are not damaged in the framing process. We will frame anything and love a challenge. Stop in to discuss your special framing project.

Custom Framing

Express Your Personality And Style With Custom Framing
Surround yourself with the people, places and art that you love. Personalizing your home or work space with custom framing is a great way to express your personality and tailor framing to match your personal style.

LARSON-JUHL Global Promise

Since 1990, American Forests has completed restoration work in all 50 U.S. states and 45 countries around the world, helping to plant nearly 50 million trees in areas of crucial need. Larson-Juhl has donated 10% of these trees, more than 500,000, to the Global Releaf foundation since 1991.

House of Mercier

The elegance, beauty, and durability of our hand-made leather collections are uncompromising. The leather wrapped frames are made with Peruvian craftmanship that is vastly becoming appreciated by discerning collectors.