Artwork Submission-Artists Under Current Contract Only

This page is intended for Dutch Art Gallery artists
that have a current contract.

New artists seeking representation should enter our upcoming juried shows. This allows us to assess how your work is received by the public. Please do not submit your work here. It will not be reviewed.

Submitting New Work for the Gallery Part 1: Online

  • Take a well-lit, high-resolution image of each piece.
  • Size to 1000px for the longest length.
    Be sure to crop out any background to show only the artwork.
    Do keep a version of your file at full size. If we need a higher resolution image for printed materials, we will contact you.
  • Save files as .jpg and name as follow.
    Example: Jane-Doe-Once-Upon-a-Time-16×20-Acrylic-on-Panel.jpg
  • Compose a statement about your piece.
    Describing your work in your own words gives a potential buyer a little insight into who you are and helps them form an emotional attachment to your work. We strongly recommend you take the time to do this.
  • Please upload your images one at a time. Fill out all the necessary information for each piece.

Please note we only sell your original art that is supplied in the delivery of your inventory only. We do not offer or have any interest in selling prints of your original art. Nor are we willing to sell your images to any third parties.

Your online inventory will not be applied until there is a signed contract agreement of representation and artwork must be in the Gallery’s possession. Even if you include it on your inventory sheet but it is not at the Gallery we will not add it to the online inventory.


Submitting New Work for the Gallery Part 2: Physical Pieces to Gallery


  • Inventory Sheet – with embedded/thumbnail images of artwork
    Please complete the inventory form by filling in all pertinent information and including a PHOTO thumbnail of the art in the appropriate space on the form. Print this and bring it with you when you drop off your work. The thumbnail photo is essential. If you need assistance, please call the gallery and someone will walk you through the process. You can also view this video to see how simple it is to drag and drop photos and edit the text. WATCH VIDEO
  • Index Card
    Each piece must be clearly labeled. On the back of work tape an index size card with the following information clearly written or typed:
    – Artist’s name
    – Title of the work
    – Retail Price
    – Unframed size of the work
    – Media
    -Artist Statement

All the above steps must be followed to show new work in the gallery. We appreciate your cooperation and are proud to represent you and your work. Again, you MUST have a current contract with The Dutch Art Gallery to submit new work through this portal. All other submissions will not be reviewed.

  • Artist Submission Form

  • Best contact number. Ex. (000) 000-0000
  • Please provide us the best e-mail address to contact you. Your e-mail will be added to a database list to send out notifications pertaining to the show.
  • Art Entry Information

  • Only enter ONE title per art entry on this registration form.
  • Example: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, charcoal and/or mixed media
  • For example of standard sizes: 5×7, 6×8, 8×8, 8×10, 9×12, 10×10, 11×14, 12×12, 12×16, 14×18, 16×20, 18×18, 18×24, 20×20, 20×24, 24×30, 24×36, 30×40, 36x36, 36×48
  • What surface did you use?
  • Gallery pricing will be verified and confirmed by your inventory sheet supplied upon arrival of your art entry.
  • Tell us about your art piece. This will be included on the printed display card and on the website.
    Check all that you understand and agree.
  • NEW ARTISTS: Tell us about yourself. Give a buyer a little insight into who you are as an artist. Background, inspiration... CURRENT ARTISTS: If you haven't updated your bio in a while, please consider doing so.
  • Upload your Art Entry (jpg). You may only upload one item at a time. Please NO CAPS and no spaces. NAMING FILES CORRECTLY IS ESSENTIAL. NEW FORMAT: Firstname-Lastname-title-of-piece-sizexsize-Media-on-Surface.jpg Example: Jane-Doe-Once-Upon-a-Time-16x20-Acrylic-on-Panel.jpg
    Accepted file types: png, jpeg, gif, jpg, Max. file size: 50 MB.