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Autumn Glow by Lisa Adams Reed


Barcelona Blues by Martin Sanchez


Be Who You Are by Leighann Foster


Beyond the Big Oak by Layne Johnson


Blessed Rain by Layne Johnson


Blue Ephemeral by Keith Williams


Bluebonnets in the Early Afternoon by Liz Rugg


Canyons-Stained Glass by Sharon Hodges


Crazy for Crape Myrtles by Sheri Jones


Dancing Tulips by Diane McKenna


Diver by Dennis Crayon


Dream by Jacob T. Secrest


Ducks on Slippery Ice by Jim Phipps


Dutch Tulips by Dennis Crayon


Evening At White Place By Doris Vasek


Evening Glow by Lisa Adams Reed


Eye’ve Got an Eye on You by Patsy Lindamood


Gladys Pearl (Triptych) by Sharon Hodges


Good Doggie by Marybeth Otway


Green Ephemeral by Keith Williams


Hill Country By Doris Vasek


Impossible Possible by Leighann Foster


In the Garden by Layne Johnson


January 6 By Doris Vasek