Katherine Martinez

There is never a day when Katherine is not inspired. From a simple look to her desk, to an adventure in unknown environments, she constantly feels an itch to create and just as equally an itch to learn. She looks up to the 19th century impressionists which have pulled her outdoors to capture the narrative beauty of our world. She has a deep admiration for the attention to detail in the works belonging to the French neoclassical artists as well as our living masters such as Richard Schmid. Katherine’s work comes to life with the consideration of these movements, and her goal is to weave the thread between classical and contemporary works. While Plato believed that art is merely an imitation of life, she believes that the best paintings have the potential to transcend reality and expose emotions and truths to the viewer that they might never see in nature or life. Frequent experimentation is what fuels her on a daily basis, but at the core of it all she cannot deny her unconditional love for oils, the free-flowing expression of the human form, the energy of working from life, and the pride she has for her Peruvian roots.

Recently Katherine graduated with an Associates Degree in Fine Art at Richland and Brookhaven Community College. Outside of school she attends life drawing/painting sessions, as well as one-on-one training with her mentor, figurative artist, Michael Mentler and instructor Chris Brizzard at the Society of Figurative Arts in addition to being a gallery assistant/custom frame designer for the Dutch Art Gallery.

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