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Martinez, Katherine

Katherine believes that the best works of art have the power to transcend reality and expose raw emotions and truths that a viewer may have never before experienced. Fueled by daily experimentation, the free-flowing expression of the human form, the energy of working from life, and her Peruvian heritage, she is continuously producing new works of art. All in a continuous effort to push her artistic boundaries. Gathering inspiration from all areas of life, Katherine constantly feels the itch to create, only matched by her desire to learn.

She looks up to the 19th century impressionists who have pulled her outdoors to capture the narrative beauty of the world through color. She has deep admiration for the masterful draftsmanship in the works of French neoclassicists, Dutch, and Russian artists, as well as living masters like Richard Schmid. Her work comes to life with the consideration of these movements, and her goal is to weave the thread between classical and contemporary works.

Katherine is a recent graduate from Richland Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Art, and currently apprenticed to figurative artist Michael Mentler at the Society of Figurative Arts, while studying with representational artist Deborah Stenberg at Brookhaven Community College, and working part time as a Gallery Assistant/Custom Frame Designer for the Dutch Art Gallery.

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