DALLAS, TEXAS – The Dutch Art Gallery presented the 9th Annual Juried Art Exhibition with a warm opening reception on Saturday, May 14, 2016. The first guests received a gift bag that included an original miniature art created by some of the artists in the show and a miniature wind chime made by artist Richard Wakeman.

97 Entries From 43 Artists

ART ENTRIES BY: Anabel Leigh, Ann McCann, Barbara Brush, Barron Postmus, Ben Williams, Bob O’Brian, Bob Shepherd, Brenda Brannon, Debbie Stevens, Donna Wilson Page, Ed Crumley, Elaine Monnig, Elizabeth Rugg, Ellie Taylor, Hallie Thompson, Hebe Brooks, James Colley, James Swanson, Jim Phipps, Katrina Rasmussen, Kay Wyne, Keith Williams, Kyle Wood, Laurieann Dygowski, Linda Popple, Linda Reedy, Lynn LaRose, Mary McNeely Cavazo, Mike Schroeder, Nancy Paris Pruden, Pat Meyer, Ramona Freeman, Rex Miller, Richard Wakeman, Ruda Anderson, Scott McManus, Sharon Hodges, Sheri Jones, Steve Hahn, Tina Bohlman, Victoria Mauldin, Virginia Montfort and William Johnston

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FB Live Springshow 2016For the first time instead of recording videos and later uploading the edited version. We decided to announce the awards live through Facebook. It’s a new feature that Facebook has offered since August 2015. For those customers as well as the artists that participated in the show who couldn’t make it to be there at 2pm this was a great way for them to still be there, virtually. It’s a neat feature, our fans who were on Facebook would see a notification that we were streaming live. They could easily click on the live stream to listen and watch as well as interact. How cool is that? Unfortunately, on our first round we didn’t have anyone comment on the feed so we couldn’t interact with our fans. But we hope to make this a regular opportunity to engage our network. Also, the live feeds are automatically saved on our Facebook fan page instantly. So if you missed the opening reception you could at least click on it to watch what you missed.

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Entries were opened to anyone residing in Texas as well as members of a variety of artist organizations. The Gallery has all of the entries framed and displayed until July 16, 2016. Winners were announced on Saturday, May 14. Each received a cash prize and guests who attended were asked to vote on their favorite entry for a People’s Choice Award.

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1st Place Winner James Colley1st Place Winner | #115 House By The Stream By James Colley

60×48 Original Oil on Canvas for $6,500.00

This was painted on a beautiful spring day with flowers in full bloom. Mr. Colley later mentioned that he painted on location where Monet lived. James Colley is a Dallas artist who has paintings in major corporate and private collections around the world. He has a MFA from the University of Texas and James has been painting professionally for over 40 years.

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2nd Place Winner Tina Bohlman

2nd Place Winner | #167 Between Jobs By Tina Bohlman

12×12 Original Oil on Panel, $1,200.00

There’s always plenty of work for farm trucks and tractors with the onset of Spring. This is a scene painted entirely on location at a farm.

Ms. Bohlman is a Dutch Art Gallery Artist, Master Signature with Artists Of Texas; Signature Artist with Outdoor Painters Society and Signature Artist with Women Artists of the West.

A Texas native, Tina Bohlman has used the state as both the inspiration and the canvas for her art. Mostly a self-taught artist, Bohlman works primarily in watercolor and occasionally in oil to create her breathtaking plein air paintings and brilliant rural landscapes. She cultivated her natural artistic talent and her eye for beauty with great dedication and an insatiable desire to learn the techniques and history of the art. Bohlman has supplemented her independent study with workshops with some of the best artists in the field. Bohlman originals hang in private and corporate collections in 34 States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Republic of Benin, West Africa.

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3rd Place Winner Ed Crumley3rd Place Winner | #109 Santa Fe Garden By Ed Crumley

16×20 Original Oil on Linen for $1,400.00

A view of one of the many displays of native gardens in Spring bloom around the adobe buildings in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Mr. Crumley is a member of the Outdoor Painter Society.

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People's Choice Winner Richard and Julie WakemanPeople’s Choice Winner | #163 Expressions of Joy 1 By Richard and Julie Wakeman

18×24 Original Acrylic on Canvas for $1,200.00

I worked with my special needs daughter who has turned the colors of spring into an explosion of vibrant color and shapes…expressing joy of new life!

Mr. Wakeman has a 42 year old special needs daughter who was diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome at birth. He also had another daughter with the same diagnosis, Julie who passed away recently. Painting has been an outlet for these girls that you can see on whatever surface that they painted on. Mr. Wakeman would give them the colors that each of the girls would create their color patterns. After they completed their coloring/painting, he would fill in the shapes and complete the painting. You can read more of the Wakeman’s story under their 3 works of art on our website.

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First To Sail Away

This original 24×36 oil, Sailboat at White Rock Lake Harbor by Scott McManus was the first purchase out of the 97 entries to be sold these happy customers featured in the above photo.

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“Our Guest Judges Really Added A Wealth of Knowledge.”
– Pam Massar

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Hal Warwick. A decorated published award-winning artist since 1983. He has studied extensively with several well-known professional artists including painting on location with them and on his own in the USA and various areas of Europe. His works has shown in Southwest Gallery for 20 years where he also hosted several one man shows. As well as the Victorian Gallery and The Stanton Gallery. He has completed several major commissions such as 18 paintings of the Victorian courthouses of Texas plus the State Capitol for several Dallas law firms. He has taught painting workshops at the Art School in Cloudcroft, NM for several summers, Texas art clubs, art and civic organizations. He has served as judge for several art shows all over Texas. (Mr. Warwick was featured in the photos taken with the winners and the Gallery Owners, Hans and Pam Massar.)

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Barvo Walker. Raised in Fort Worth, Texas and attended TCU, The University of Texas and the Baylor College of Dentistry. He left denistry to enter the art world as a sculptor and painter in 1980. He has produced a plethora of work of prominent people. As well as creating many sculptures of a spiritual nature for churches, public places, museums and other prominent areas throughout the world. This is just a sampling of some of the major sculptures he has created over the past 30 years. The statue at the top of the State Capital of Texas in Austin, titled, Goddess of Liberty. Sculpture of the children of Michael Dell of Dell Computer in Austin, Texas. Nine foot sculpture in Dallas City Hall of Mr. Erik Jonsson, founder of Texas Instruments and Mayor of Dallas and Memorial sculpture of J.C. Penny for JCP Co.


ABOUT DUTCH ART GALLERY: Celebrating 50 years in quality service of custom framing and showing fine art. We conduct monthly events, two annual juried art shows with artists from local and national member organizations. It is our intention to showcase incredible talent and display the exceptional abilities of worldwide artists. Owners, Hans and Pam Massar, are passionate about presenting art as well as quality custom framing. From maintaining the feeling of a family-owned business while presenting sophistication with the finest art galleries. View our 7,000 square foot showroom, featuring an array of original oil, mixed media, limited edition prints and a growing private collection.

To see all the entries that were juried visit the showroom between Tuesday – Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm or Saturday 9:30am to 5pm. The Dutch Art Gallery is located at: 10233 E Northwest Hwy #420, Dallas, TX 75238 or you can set up an appointment at (214) 348-7350.


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