DALLAS, TEXAS – The Dutch Art Gallery presented the 10th Annual Juried Art Exhibition with a lively opening reception on Saturday, November 5, 2016. The first guests received a gift bag that included an original miniature art created by some of the artists in the show.

73 Entries From 37 Artists

ART ENTRIES BY: Brigitte K. Able, Tony Arthur, Gwen Bell, Brenda Brannon, Hebe Brooks, Barbara Brush, Rhonda Scoggins Castillo, Ed Crumley, Yesiareg Desta, Laurieann Dygowski, Ramona Freeman, Steve Hahn, Mack Hays, Barbara A. Jones, Sheri Jones, Anabel Leigh, David Leister, Dr. Carvel Lincoln, Elizabeth Mahy, Jerry Malzahn, Ann McCann, Scott McManus, Deb Miller, Sara Miller, Aspen Sky Mosby, Angelica Ramirez, Lisa Adams Reed, Beverly Richmond, Vern Rollin III, Donna Wilson Page, Jacob T. Secrest, Bob Shepherd, Brenda Knight Styron, Ellie Taylor, Keith Williams, Kyle Wood and Kay Wyne

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Entries were opened to anyone residing in Texas as well as members of a variety of artist organizations. The Gallery has all of the entries framed and displayed until January 31, 2017. Winners were announced on Saturday, November 5. Each received a cash prize and guests who attended were asked to vote on their favorite entry for a People’s Choice Award.

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1st Place Winner Jerry Valentine Malzahn1st Place Winner | #120 Among The Sierra Nevada Mountains By Jerry Valentine Malzahn

30×40 Original Oil on Canvas for $11,205.00

Among The Sierra Nevada Mountains after Albert Bierstadt. Albert Bierstadt’s beautifully crafted paintings played to a hot market in the 1860s for spectacular views of the nation’s frontiers. Works such as this fueled the image of America as a promised land just when Europeans were immigrating to this country in great numbers.

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2nd Place Winner | #137 Barbados Pearl Tutu By Deb Miller

28×22 Original Pastel on Specialty Paper for $200.00

Edgar Degas experimented with new techniques and revitalized neglected media such as pastel, gouache, and even distemper (used for painting scenery) in an attempt to transcend what were new appearing to be the limitation of oil paint. Abandoning oil means he could paint rapidly on a paper support which could be infinitely extended by sticking separate pieces of paper together as needed. In another vain he was experimenting with alternatives to the traditional gilt frames. Having revolutionized the framing of subjects within the composition, he now addressed himself to the immediate environment of the picture, even including the decor and lighting of the exhibition room himself.

In his last years his eyesight, which had troubled him all his life, began to fail. He kept going until his death, turning increasingly to sculpture to express himself and producing, ironically, in his last years, his most impressionistic and colorful works in pastel.

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3rd Place Winner | #157 Forest Edge Etude By Scott McManus

14×18 Original Oil on Canvas for $375.00

What makes impressionism so powerful in art is the emphasis on light and color. My many years of studying the works of Monet had a strong influence on my style. This winter scene was perfect subject to play with light that sparkles on the trees and snow covered forest edge as Monet might have rendered it.

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People's Choice Winner Steve HahnPeople’s Choice Winner | #166 The Tempest Near By Steve Hahn

48×30 Original Oil on Canvas for $4,500.00

I haven’t tried a seascape before. I used Winslow Homer’s painting style and imagery as inspiration for my first seascape.

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“Our Guest Judges Really Added A Wealth of Knowledge.”
– Pam Massar


Lynn Rushton. Lynn Noelle Rushton brings the Texas native’s bravado and love of the West to her work. Focusing on work-a-day scenes from daily life, in oil, water media, and the ancient hot wax medium of encaustic. She describes her work as ‘painted stories.’ Drawing on the rich cultural history of the west, she combines the techniques of European post impressionism with subject matter that resonates with the monumental scene painters of the WPA and the 30’s and 40’s. She has taught numerous master’s painting classes on the University level. She has studied Art History at Tulane University has earned a Masters in Art from Texas Tech University a BFA in painting from Vanderbilt University and won numerous awards nationally. She has painted plein air in Europe, Asia and South America. She lives and paints in Dallas, Texas.

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Mike Schroeder. Mike‘s first interest in art as a child was copying newspaper comics and attempting to do portraits of family members. During high school he pursued a more technical aspect of drawing in drafting classes. Mike’s first year at The University of North Texas was spent as an architecture major but his interest shifted to advertising design and drawing and painting.

He began his career working for Point Communications as a production artist. After one year he moved to Eisenberg Pannell, and worked there as a graphic designer for three years, and then Pirtle Design for five years. Both design firms were nationally known and highly acclaimed. In 1986 he started his own design and illustration studio where he began specializing in water color illustration.

Major clients Mike has worked for include Diamond Shamrock, SMU, Centex, Omega Optical, TGI Friday’s, Chili’s, Northern Telecom, Donruss, JC Penney’s, Beauti Control, EDS, Voluntary Hospitals of America, Boy Scouts of America, American Heart Association, Concentra, and a variety of other design firms and advertising agencies.

Mike’s illustration and graphic design work has been published in The New York Art Directors Annual, Design in Texas, and Communication Arts Magazine. He has also received numerous awards from the Dallas Society of Visual Communications, and Houston Art Directors Club.

Throughout his career Mike has been invited to teach as an adjunct professor at University of North Texas, Collin County Community College, Brookhaven Community College, Texas Christian University, East Texas State and Texas A&M Commerce.

One of Mike’s illustration assignments was to paint oil portraits of pro football and baseball stars for Donruss Trading Card Company. Five years and 160 portraits later, Mike’s new passion for oil painting and realism led him to pursue a fine art career. Today Mike enjoys the challenge and excitement of matching color, value, shapes and edges, while painting from life.

Mike currently teaches at The Ft. Worth Academy of Fine Arts in addition to teaching privately at Davis Foundry Gallery in the Bishop Arts District.


ABOUT DUTCH ART GALLERY: Celebrating 51 years in quality service of custom framing and showing fine art. We conduct monthly events, two annual juried art shows with artists from local and national member organizations. It is our intention to showcase incredible talent and display the exceptional abilities of worldwide artists. Owners, Hans and Pam Massar, are passionate about presenting art as well as quality custom framing. From maintaining the feeling of a family-owned business while presenting sophistication with the finest art galleries. View our 7,000 square foot showroom, featuring an array of original oil, mixed media, limited edition prints and a growing private collection.

To see all the entries that were juried visit the showroom between Tuesday – Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm or Saturday 9:30am to 5pm. The Dutch Art Gallery is located at: 10233 E Northwest Hwy #420, Dallas, TX 75238 or you can set up an appointment at (214) 348-7350.


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