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At the top of the page, there is a magnifying glass. Click on it. The window should expand to enter the first and/or last name of an Artist. Or even enter a phrase or a single word that is in the title of an available work. Images should populate. You can either click on one of those images OR hit enter and view ALL of the Artists “available” inventory. The search feature is centered around the actual images relevant to the search word or phrase entered.

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Pam just got started and will periodically post a photo or share a video of her opinion on new arrivals or even items that she just wants to share some thoughts on. So if you are on Instagram, please do follow or hashtag #dutchartgallery. We would LOVE to hear from you so please do share a comment.

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Hover over the image and click “Compare”. Users can now pick art and compare them to each other in a separate window.

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All of the available inventory items can be added to the user’s wishlist. Simply hover over the image and click on the heart icon. The wishlist is located at the top right of the page.

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It is now a single page click to view the art collections we currently carry by Artist. There is a thumbnail image and below it will be the name of the Artist. Both can be clicked to view all of the Artist’s available inventory. It is sorted by the last name of the Artist alphabetically starting in the left column down.

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Upon viewing the Artist inventory. The user can choose the Filters+ button to expand a window to enhance the viewing experience. You can now view the inventory by Price Points OR Sort by: Default, Popularity, Average Rating, Newness, Price: low to high, Price: high to low.


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