How To Navigate Our WebsiteDROP DOWN MENU. Visit our online showroom any time. In our Menu Bar below our logo view art inventory by “Artist” or by “Art Genre”. Simply take your mouse to hover over the menu to activate the drop down menu and scroll down with your mouse or click the down arrow button. Works of art are still being added to each genre. Signature artists will be found in the drop down menu. Or click on “Artists” to view all the artists that we currently represent and their available inventory.

PROMO BANNERS. The flashing banners are upcoming events or subject matters about our quality services. You can click on the banner to learn more about the event or click on the white squares within the banner on the top right corner. If the square is black that is the banner that it is currently on.

E-NEWS. On the far right column, we offer a way for folks to subscribe to our e-newsletter. There are two lists one for those interested in sales, new works and events. The other is for professional artists to subscribe to receive notifications for art exhibitions. We do not sell your information and we don’t send SPAM. If you leave your name and e-mail address on the showroom guest book an associate may enter your name here. However, your name is added when you click the Mailchimp invitation to be added to the mailing list. At any time, you wish to not receive e-mails from the Dutch Art Gallery click on the “unsubscribe from list link” at the bottom of any of our e-mails. The choice is always yours.

FEATURED ART. Below our flashing banners is a scroll bar for “Featured Art”. It will automatically scroll from the right or you can click on the left/right arrows to view recently added works.

SEARCH BAR. If you are looking for a specific art title, artist or subject use our search bar that is located to the right of our logo. A “directory listing” that is relevant to the search term you entered will populate. The latest entry will be at the top. You may have to scroll down if your term wasn’t specific. Each entry is clickable.

QUICKLINKS. Located in the far right column below the E-NEWS subscriptions are keywords in various sizes known as a Word Cloud. The larger the word means we have alot of inventory related to that subject.

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