Preserve Your Child's Work of Art Style Your Child's ArtPreserve Your Child’s Master Pieces

A great gift idea to give to grandparents, aunts, close friends or your child’s favorite teacher. – Rachel D.

You want to cherish every piece, but before you know it, your desks and closets are piles of clutter.

There are different and stylish ways to keep your child’s artwork.

Besides framing a few individual pieces with museum quality glass what about the rest of the Picasso pieces? Sometimes your child will draw, paint or create something spectacular. So let’s face it you will probably run out of wall space.

Consider combining your little artist’s work by creating a sampling of each piece and have us frame it in a variety of squares to form a pattern to adorn your walls. With the perfect frame or shadow box you can truly keep the beautiful memories.

We can show you a variety of ways to hang the work or display it with a private consultation too. We can definitely make some house calls to visit your nursery or any room that you are wanting to showcase the art work.

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