5th Annual AOT Judges Panel

For Immediate Release: Winner Announcement

5th Annual AOT Judges Panel

5th Annual AOT Show Judges Panel: Tom Russell, Derrill Osborn, Pam Massar and Hans Massar

This year, the 5th Annual Artists of Texas Show “No Where But Texas” showcasing 80 artists featuring 138 works of art had a grand turnout at the opening reception on Saturday, November 2. Many traveled over five hours to attend or flew in from across the nation to meet the artists, attend the awards ceremony, and of course enjoy award-winning wine from KE Cellars located in Rockwall, Texas. Since the October Sneak Preview several pieces were sold prior to the show. Many of those entries the buyers didn’t bring back to be juried in the exhibition. Entries were opened to anyone residing in Texas as well as members of the Artists of Texas organization. The Gallery has all of the entries framed and displayed until January 11, 2014. Winners were announced on Saturday, November 2. Each received a cash prize and for the first time guests who attended were asked to vote on their favorite entry for a People’s Choice Award.

Blue, White and Copper By June HollowayIt Was A Photo Finish With Holloway Winning By One Point

1st Place Winner goes to an original oil on a 16×20 linen canvas called, “Blue White And Copper” by June Holloway. This still life painting features a copper pot with a reflection of a detailed vintage ceramic pitcher with a matching small serving dish filled with lemons. Surrounded by pomegranates with another set of reflections on a shiny glass tabletop surface.

June Holloway was born in England where she received an Art degree from University of London. She has been painting and drawing all her life and at the age of twelve she received a beautiful box of oil paints. At the age of thirty-five she moved with her three sons to America, “I carried one suitcase containing my clothes, and a backpack containing all my art supplies. We settled in Wichita, Kansas and I found a wonderful art community there, I joined many art groups and I continued my art career.”

She is a portrait and still life artist she often has portrait commissions in England, America and Guatemala. Her work has won awards in national competitions in Kansas, New Mexico, Colorado and Texas. Although, she has worked in all mediums her favorites are still pastel and graphite pencil. She has about thirty students who shares her passion for painting. She hopes for the future that she can continue to paint and draw, and that her paintings will be enjoyed by many viewers for many years to come.

Sonny by Janna HengyThe 2nd Place Winner is an original oil on a 16×20 canvas called, “Sonny” by Janna Hengy. The Amish child painting remarkably resembles a photo captured on a sunny day in an open field with a facial expression capturing such an innocence after laboring outdoors.

Janna Hengy was born in a small town in East Texas, but moved to Dallas in the seventh grade. After marrying and having two children with her husband they decided they wanted to raise their family in a smaller community. Hengy’s husband had spent a lot of time growing up on his uncle’s ranch outside of Hico, Texas, which was their inspiration for buying an old farm near Terrell, where they built their dream home and still live. Today, they raise stockers and have horses. So there are a lot of Western themes interwoven in her art.

Hengy shares, “I seem to prefer western themes, of course it’s evident in my portraits of people and animals. My brother is a cowboy reenactor and chuckwagon cook. I occasionally help him cook and also lend a hand with other friends who have a chuckwagon. Once upon a time, I did cowboy action shooting. Which is why I can honestly say, “I live the life I paint” and hopefully my art succeeds in helping you visualize a small segment of my experience.”

Out To The Road By Dawn Waters BakerThe 3rd Place Winner is an original oil on a 6×9 panel called, “Out To The Road” by Dawn Waters Baker. The artist shared that this was another little plein air study while she was up in Illinois for the summer at her in-laws house. She liked the way the road wound around the trees as well as the soft shadows and strong darks. The panel grains accentuated the texture on the tree trunks, limbs and as well as the leaves within the trees. The scene reveals a trail beckoning you to wonder where does it go? One of the judges, Derrill Osborn commented, “It is a small size, yet, this piece which has already sold before the opening reception just proves that a winning composition is not limited by size.”

Dawn Waters Baker likes to think of her work as a glimpse of the mystery. “The metaphors of life held in branches, cloud wisps and water.” She says, “There is something that compels me to paint, not what is literally seen, but what is felt. For me, the window into the spiritual is nature. I believe God is talking, without words, through His creation. Painting is my way of listening.”

Dawn was born and raised a child of missionaries in the Philippines. She grew up there until she came to the U.S. for college. It was during her college years that she came to believe that art was her calling in life. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Dallas Baptist University in 1998. Her art is collected by many businesses such as the Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas Eye Care Associates, Dallas Baptist University and many private owners. She currently finished five original drawings for the book, “Why, O God?” published by Crossway Books. Her work has been in national shows including The National Weather Biennale, CIVA Contemporary Images of Mary and Ex Nihilo at Roberts Wesleyan College. Her work is available internationally through Veritasse based in London, England.

Judging was based on the overall impact of the work such as clarity to the viewer, originality, quality of artistic design and impression. Our jury panel included Hans and Pam Massar with Derrill Osborn, Art Collector and Dallas Style Icon. He is a Neiman Marcus legend who influenced fashion, introduced Italian menswear lines and the three-piece suit. After retirement he auctioned his vast bovine collection that was assembled over a lifetime. Mr. Osborn’s passions for interesting themes in art and antiques played a unique role. Our fourth juror is a former Vietnam Veteran, retired Cardiac Pulmonary Technician and Philanthropist, Tom Russell. When he breaks away from being a lumberjack or gold mining he enjoys expanding his exquisite art collection.

Dutch Art Gallery JudgesJudges came in on Friday, November 1st to jury. Each reviewed the 138 pieces displayed not knowing what the other judge may be scoring. Overall the jury panel spent many hours from Friday and early Saturday morning to complete their objective. All were faced with a difficult choice. There were a large number of pieces that were incredibly detailed and were noted by a couple of the judges, but were not scored high in all of the categories unanimously. Which took many by surprise! When the scores were reviewed and tallied the 1st and 2nd place were nearly tied. Just one point off from a tie.

As the camera shots were taken near the winner’s circle we all noticed a similarity with one of the winning pieces and Mr. Osborn’s favorite hat. Beth VanDeventer, Artists of Texas event coordinator asked, “Mr. Osborn were you ever called ‘sonny’ when you were a boy?” He laughed, “The image may indeed reminds me of my youth.”

The first 25 attendees received a special gift bag on behalf of the Dutch Art Gallery that included postcards from 10 artists that featured their show entry, miniature art pieces from several artists and gifts from our sponsors. One of the sales associates mentioned that it was definitely a big hit! Many came early with expectancy of special treasures to find in the goody bag giveaway. A special thank you to several artists that contributed their one-of-a-kind art miniatures: Rebecca Zook, Sharon Hodges, Kay Wyne, Kyle Wood, Judy Mackey, Bob Shepherd, Steve Hahn, David Blow, Beth VanDeventer, Kristine Byars, Debbie Lincoln and Anthony Gonzalez.

The Wall of Work Of Steve Hahn Over 350 Guests Attended Large Crowds Attended 5th Annual Juried Art ShowPianist, Linda Mantooth of Plano graced the ivories with popular movie soundtracks as well playing her original scores from her first CD, Piano Solo Music setting a smooth ambiance. Later, Dallas Symphony violinist Andrzej Kapica and wife played a duet of a variety of classical pieces.

Douglas Clark, master sculptor, brought out his stand and clay to do a live demonstration. Many onlookers were in awe of him working the clay into a miniature bucking bronco that captured a unique expression of personality.

Hans Massar shared his thoughts, “What a great turn out! There were so many folks that we had not seen in a very long time and had such a wonderful time mingling with the artists. Pam was working the counter helping with new custom frame orders and taking care of the exhibition sales. It was a very good day for our Gallery. A few of our artists also were noted that they received some work commissions from our loyal customers. We are very supportive and happy for them. We had raving reviews about the award-winning wine served from KE Cellars and enjoyed hearing from the owner Jenniffer Norman as she was serving about the science behind the wine. As well as, ideas for some getaway plans you can make to Kiepersol Estates in Tyler, Texas. Not only can enjoy a wine tour and dinner, but you can reserve a room at the bed and breakfast.”

Texas Showdown Between Two Landscape Artists

For the first time ever at the Dutch Art Gallery we offered attendees to vote on their favorite entry from the 5th Annual Artists of Texas Show “No Where But Texas”. The ballot box was stuffed for the People’s Choice Award! It was down to two Texas landscape artists Steve Hahn and Rex Miller. Riverbend by Steve Hahn won with 26 votes. A 30×24 original oil on canvas that features details of a riverbend weaving through sandstone with a rustic two story home and a red barn in the distance located in the lush Texas Hill country. It was a close running with runner up for Poppies And Barrel’s by Rex Miller. Both were awarded a special gift on behalf of the Dutch Art Gallery.

People's Choice Winner Steve Hahn

Featured Above is Dutch Art Gallery Owners Hans and wife Pam Massar and the Artist Steve Hahn

Tom Russell not only was a judge for the show, but he is also a buyer of Hahn’s Texas Hill Country landscapes, “Steve Hahn just started painting three years ago and it’s remarkable to see the details in his pieces. These pieces are like looking through a window.”

5th Annual Artists of Texas Show “No Where But Texas” Exhibition will be on display until January 11, 2014. Be sure to sign up to receive news for upcoming events! Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the artists who entered. Thank you to our judges, Derrill Osborn and Tom Russell. Thank you to the Artists of Texas organization for spreading the word to your members. Thank you to the Advocate Magazine for sharing our news through your Facebook fan page. Thank you to Beth VanDeventer for working with the submissions and with the displaying. Thank you Sharon Hodges for assisting us in displaying. Thank you to our expert framers Levi and Kimbal. Most of all thank you to our loyal customers of 48 years. Your patronage is priceless. Thank you for being a part of our history and future! We are just thrilled of the success of the show and how great things turned out. My parents would have been proud and my family is blessed!

Below are artists that we were able to pull away to take some photos with their art or they were socializing. DAG

Mint Tulip By Amy Hillenbrand

Mint Tulip By Amy Hillenbrand

Luke By Mike Schroeder

Luke By Mike Schroeder

Sharon Hodges

Artist Sharon Hodges

Artists of Texas Members

Artist Kyle Wood, Artist Pamela Blaise and Attendee

Deja Vu By Cheryl Smith

Déjà Vu By Cheryl J. Smith

Derrill Osborn with Adrienne and Jason Balkum

Derrill Osborn with Adrienne and Jason Balkum

Andrzej Kapica

Dallas Symphony Violinist Andrzej Kapica


Artist and Jason Balkum














































































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