Margaret BaileyTHE DISTANCE

Margaret was born in New Mexico and moved to Texas when she was 10. She now lives on a small farm with her husband outside of Dallas. They have two daughters who are married and also live in Texas.

She feels blessed to be able to pursue her love and drawing and painting. She continues to grow as an artist by taking classes at local colleges and workshops with some her favorite artists.

Margaret’s love for painting started about 30 years ago. I have worked with oil, acrylic and watercolor. Today she mainly uses water media in a wide mix of styles from traditional to experimental. Her current pieces are done on maps with mixed media. She enjoys the experimental processes of layering, stamping, putting on and taking off paint. She says, “In some pieces I leave a large area of the map to been seen, while in other pieces I cover most of the area but use transparent colors so that the map shows through the scene.”

Margaret’s map series began out of a series that she expressed the distance she felt when her daughter married and moved away. One of the pieces was done on a map of Texas showing the highway between Dallas and Midland. It was done in muted colors and a long horizontal structure. You can feel the distance between the two places. From this she began working on maps doing different themes but always on a map of someplace she has been.

Watercolor is a favorite medium of her. I love the way the colors mix together on the paper. Acrylic is also a favorite medium to use on experimental pieces. I enjoy the challenge of new techniques and new mediums. I am always interested in learning a new process to incorporate into my art.

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