KEEPIN’ IT REAL | Juried Show Call for Entry
DEADLINE: Friday, October 11th, 2019

Science says reality is simply how we interpret the world based on our experiences. If each of us could step into the body of someone else, we’d be surprised by how different colors appear or how music sounds. Even the perception of time can change in emotionally charged circumstances. Bees see ultraviolet light. Snakes detect infrared. Both beyond human perception. Every living creature lives in its own version of reality.

For this challenge, examples of traditional, realistically painted scenes are welcome, but we also invite artists to define their own reality. Share your personal life experience, your unique view of the world. Expose what is hidden. Show truth. A written statement must accompany each entry explaining how it relates to the theme. Strict adherence to the theme is mandatory. We look forward to seeing each artist’s view of reality.

NOTE: Artwork must have been produced in 2018-2019 calendar years, nothing older will be considered.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, October 11th, 2019 | Midnight (CST)
SHOW RUN: Saturday, November 9th, 2019 through Saturday, December 21st

The Dutch Art Gallery is located in Dallas, Texas
The “Keepin’ It Real” Juried Show accepts entries nationwide


1st Place


2nd Place


3rd Place


People’s Choice

Framed Certificate

Not Quite Finished By the Deadline?

That’s okay. As long as you are close, you can submit a preliminary photo, but you must let us know by email that the submitted photo is not the final. If accepted, you must e-mail us the final photo by 5pm Tuesday, October 15th. Absolutely no revisions to artwork past this point. If your work is not completed by the original deadline of October 11th, if accepted, you will NOT be considered for any promotional materials.

To Submit Your Entries
First, read over the complete rules on the Registration Info page, then pay your entry fee ($55 for up to 3 pieces) and submit your entries for the show using the buttons the bottom of the Registration Info page.

Important Information:

  • Accepted media include: oil, acrylic, colored pencil, watercolor, pastel, charcoal and/or mixed media. No photography. No sculpture. If you are using a media not mentioned, please email us for verification that we are accepting it. Contact: AND
  • Submit up to 3 entries for $55 entry fee. Artwork must have been produced in 2018-2019 calendar years, nothing older will be considered–you will be asked to verify this on the submission form. Entries must not have been submitted in previous Dutch Art Gallery Juried Shows.
  • Art Entry must meet standard framing sizes. See •Registration Info• page for a complete list.
    The exception is Gallery Wrapped Canvas which does not require framing.
  • Name your file(s) correctly. This is crucial for our automated system. If you are using your phone to take photos of your work, you must be able to rename the files. This may require downloading the photos to a computer in order to rename them.
    ESSENTIAL! Name as follows:
    Example: Jane-Doe-Once-Upon-a-Time-16×20-Acrylic-on-Panel.jpg
  • File Size Specifications: Largest dimension 1000px wide at 72dpi in .jpg format.
  • Artist must include in the online registration a statement specific to each entered piece describing it and explaining the connection to the “Keepin’ It Real” theme. This information will be included on the website and on wall tags if your piece is chosen. A written statement MUST accompany each entry. Strict adherence to the theme is mandatory.



11 | Fri | Entry Deadline | Midnight CST
16 | Wed | Notification  (Please check your spam folder followed by our website before calling us to check status)
16 | Wed | Delivery of Accepted Work begins
26 | Sat | Delivery DEADLINE for Accepted Artwork

01| Fri | Guest Jurors visit the gallery to judge accepted pieces
07 | Thurs | Deadline for delivery of miniature art items for Goody Bag
09 | Sat | 11am-6pm | Opening Reception and Awards Event – awards announcement at 2pm for artists, collectors, dealers and friends |  People’s choice announced 4:30pm.

21 | Sat | Last full day of show

02-11 | Thurs-Sat | Painting Pick-Up. Local artists may pick up unsold work at Dutch Art Gallery and will not be subject to shipping charges. Unsold works will begin being shipped back to artists in original boxes. We are closed Sunday, January 5th and Monday, January 6th.

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