Marinera Norteña VI by Katherine Martinez


Original ink and watercolor on deckled watercolor paper
5×7″ unframed

*Note this piece has gold accents that do not photograph well

Marinera, originated along the coastal region of Peru with Spanish, African, and Andean roots. The city of Trujillo has been recognized as the national birthplace of the Marinera Norteña since 1986. The Marinera brings focus to the woman, with the male’s goal being to give chase. With eyes locked, the male and female partners dance around each other flirtatiously in a never ending courtship between the two. Marinera female dancers typically wear long pleated dresses, handkerchief in hand, and perform barefoot. Interestingly, because this dance is shown all over Peru and on all manner of flooring, professional dancers train for all conditions, with the women developing calluses on their feet that protect them from the ground when displaying the fast striking footwork referred to as “zapateos”.