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Martinez, Katherine

Katherine began her artistic career in 2016. She tapped into various avenues to educate herself, including community college classes, workshops, and a mentorship.  Mixing her classical training with fresh contemporary aesthetics, Katherine creates a wide variety of artwork ranging from plein air to detailed studio pieces. While her work is fundamentally representational, Katherine enjoys the process of capturing the essence of her subjects, flowing between deconstructed and more life-like forms. Born in Dallas, Texas to both Peruvian parents her works not only reflects the environment around her as an American but also her Hispanic/Latin heritage having repeatedly visited her motherland for inspiration.

Now living in St. Louis, Missouri, Katherine is dedicated full time to her work be it on commissions, gallery pieces, plein air, or life drawing/painting. She has been featured in multiple magazines including Southwest Art Magazine’s “21 under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2020,” received numerous awards, is a junior scholarship member of the Salmagundi Club in New York City and has exhibited and sold her work nationwide.

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