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Chan, Lauren

Lauren Chan has been a lifelong art enthusiast, but only recently started creating art as more than just a hobby. In 2016 she enrolled as a full-time art student at Santa Barbara City College. After a year of classes, she began creating animal portraits with colored pencils and started selling her artwork online.

Currently, over one hundred of her drawings are proudly displayed in homes across the U.S. In 2018, Lauren picked up soft pastels for the first time and has been focusing her efforts on mastering this medium ever since. She creates pet portraits, wildlife portraits and occasionally landscapes with soft pastels and pastel pencils from her home studio in San Jose, California. She regularly participates in local art fairs in Northern California with the California Artists group.

Her entry “A Quick Meeting at the Water Cooler” featuring three hummingbirds, was awarded 3rd Place in the Dutch Art Gallery’s Fall 2019 Show, “Keepin’ It Real”.

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