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Bad Hair Day by Lynn Rushton


Balanced Scales by Joseph Peña


Bandera By Jerry Valentine Malzahn


Barcelona Blues by Martin Sanchez


Be Who You Are by Leighann Foster


Beach Houses By Ed Crumley


Bear Lake By Jerry Valentine Malzahn


Below The Dam By Ed Crumley


Best Seat In The House by Rebecca Zook


Between Jobs By Tina Bohlman


Between Water and Wood By Hebe Brooks


Big Tree 12X16 – Dalhart Windberg


Big Tree 18X24 – Dalhart Windberg


Big Tree 24X36 – Dalhart Windberg


Big Tree 8X10 – Dalhart Windberg


Bird of Prey by Victor Blakey


Birdwell Farm By Bob Shepherd


Blending In by Ed Crumley


Blooms Amid Thorns – Dalhart Windberg


Blowing In The Wind By James Swanson


Blue Beyond The Clouds by Rebecca Zook


Blue Ephemeral by Keith Williams


Bluebonnet Fields By Jim Phipps


Bluebonnet Meadow by Jerry Valentine Malzahn