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Arch de Triomphe By Pietro Demone


Ashland Overlook By Henry Peeters


Bear Lake By Jerry Valentine Malzahn


Cafe in the Park – Willie Bauer


Dining in the Garden By Willie Bauer


End of Day by Barron Postmus


French Street Scene By T. Pencke


Head of State by Victor Blakey


Hieroglyphics by Sharon Hodges


Hieroglyphics by Sharon K. Hodges


Hill Country Creek by David Forks


Landscape I By Arie Van Selm


Landscape II By Arie Van Selm


Longs Peak After The Storm By Jerry Valentine Malzahn


One Of A Kind Reunion by Hebe Brooks


Outdoor Cafe By Mario Passoni


Paris La Seine au Pont Neuf By Jean Kervorkian


Port de St. Tropez By Lucien Delarue


Rainy Day by Hebe Brooks


Serene Morning by David Swantner


Southwind By Steve Miller


Spring In Texas By Jerry Valentine Malzahn


Sunny Afternoon on French Boardwalk By T. Pencke


Sunrise in the Hills by David Forks