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Ae Fond Kiss by Layne Johnson


Autumn Vines by Lynn Rushton


Autumn’s Rich Tones by Sheri Jones


Barcelona Blues by Martin Sanchez


Beyond the Big Oak by Layne Johnson


Bird of Prey by Victor Blakey


Blessed Rain by Layne Johnson


Bluebonnet Meadow by Jerry Valentine Malzahn


Creek at Sunrise by Layne Johnson


Crescendo in Blue by Layne Johnson


Dancing Tulips by Diane McKenna


First To The Roost by Steve Miller


Forty-Nine by Steve Miller


Hacienda Garden by Kyle Wood


Hacienda Garden II by Kyle Wood


Hieroglyphics by Sharon K. Hodges


Hill Country Recollections by Kyle Wood


I Rule The Roost by Kay Wyne


Impression of a Dutch Master by Martin Sanchez


In the Garden by Layne Johnson


Into the Light by Layne Johnson


Light Upon the Water by Layne Johnson


Little Big Ass Cloud by Layne Johnson


Llano River by Jerry Valentine Malzhan