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Swift Hunter by Rebecca Zook


Soul Searching by Rebecca Zook


The Watcher by Rebecca Zook


Ducks on Slippery Ice by Jim Phipps


Roadrunner by Brenda Brannon


The Beauty Within by Charice Cooper


Aspen Forest by Brenda Brannon


Breaking Earth’s Bonds by Steve Miller


Path in the Forest by Ann McCann


Standing in the Shadows by Victor Blakey


Bird of Prey by Victor Blakey


Blending In by Ed Crumley


‘Till the End of the Day by Layne Johnson


Tempest by Layne Johnson


Serene Morning by David Swantner


Balanced Scales by Joseph Peña


Nip & Tuck by Patsy Lindamood


Eye’ve Got an Eye on You by Patsy Lindamood


Roadrunner by Lynn Rushton


Bad Hair Day by Lynn Rushton


Crowned Golden by Lynn Rushton


Regal by Lynn Rushton


The Girls in Blue by Layne Johnson


Intensity by Rebecca Zook