Hodges, Sharon

Sharon K. Hodges is a Dallas artist whose work is known for its bold color and expressive brushwork. She attacks the surface with brushes, spatulas, sticks and other tools to make texture on the canvas. Subjects include architectural cacti, canyon geology landscape, and crisp still life.

“I can find beauty in the structure of a dead cactus or a playful dog…All are waiting to be painted if I just look and let the paint fly.”

Sharon is represented by the Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas (www.dutchartgallery.net) and recently won 1st prize in the Gallery’s 2015 Miniatures Show, “It’s A Small World” with a 10×10 painting of a fat, juicy hamburger, “Mmmmm Good”. (This is interesting, only because she usually paints large, and she doesn’t eat hamburgers!)

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Phone: (214) 348-7350

Another Day in Paradise By Sharon Hodges


Cacti By Sharon Hodges


Canyons-Stained Glass by Sharon Hodges


Fred and Ethel Walk The Beach By Sharon Hodges


Gladys Pearl (Triptych) by Sharon Hodges


Hazel LaVerne (Triptych) by Sharon Hodges


Hieroglyphics by Sharon Hodges


Hieroglyphics by Sharon K. Hodges


In Charge Of Everything By Sharon Hodges


Just Before The Bloom By Sharon Hodges


Ruby Darlene (Triptych) by Sharon Hodges


Stella Louise (Triptych) by Sharon Hodges


The Eagle’s Eye By Sharon Hodges


Thelma Lou (Triptych) by Sharon Hodges


Canyons – Layers Of Color By Sharon Hodges


Spring Emerges By Sharon Hodges


Canyon After The Rains By Sharon Hodges


Rare Citrus on Display: Wholes 1-8 By Sharon Hodges


Fiesta In Moonlight By Sharon Hodges


Fog On Carmel Bay By Sharon Hodges


Carmel Bay in Bloom By Sharon Hodges


Tipping Point By Sharon Hodges


Boulders Bathing By Sharon Hodges


Canyons Blue Sage By Sharon Hodges