House Of Mercier Artisan Frames

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House Of Mercier Frames & Furniture


On March 12, 2014, we just received our first selection of beautiful handcrafted frames and decorative casing from the House of Mercier.

Annually, we host a trunk show in November featuring South American Artists. We are now offering custom framing options with handtooled leathers by South American Artisans.

View the framing and furniture pieces. Schedule an appointment with us and we would love for you to see how these frames will work with your fine art.

“Our people used to work in the saddle business, providing to the horseman the well known El Caballo The Paso saddles. Each hide has been carefully chosen. We look for the right quality and gage that will allow the proper tooling, texture and finishing. Every piece is handmade by our expert craftsman that use special tools made by them to create the beautiful patterns developed exclusively for House of Mercier.

The hand tooling is an ancient technique used in Peru for more than 500 years. House of Mercier uses only high quality products for the mounting and the finishing. Long legacies of generations of training to hand down the knowledge of the techniques and experience in producing quality products.

All of the accessories or ornaments as buttons, stitching, hand tooling, etc are planned to show the authenticity of the leather in each piece. Completely unique. The House of Mercier Furniture Line is developed by our own designers and craftsmanship. The materials that we use are carefully chosen to achieve a quality end product.” says Raul Mercier.

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