CONGRATULATIONS to all the accepted artists for the LESS IS MORE | Limited Color Palette Juried Show!

ARTISTS: You should have received a MailChimp-based email with all instructions needed to proceed with getting your accepted (and ONLY the accepted) pieces listed here to us. Please check your spam folder before contacting us to let us know if you did not receive the information.

Brenda Brannon -Secret Garden
Hebe Brooks -Lost Veil
Hebe Brooks -Caution
Deb Corley -Spin Cycle
Kayleigh Ebenrick -The Ranch After Rain
Gail Finger -Copper Brown Marble
Gail Finger -Gold Leaf Impression
Christina Marie Hernandez -Forest of Daisies
Katie Hoffmeier -Adios
Katie Hoffmeier -Amigos
Barbara A Jones -Big Horn
Sheri Jones -Courtyard Charm
Sheri Jones -Hot Stuff
Adam Shea Lancaster -Daphne
Stephanie Lawhorn -Phoebe
Stephanie Lawhorn -Trudy
Ann McCann -French Lavender Abbey
Ann McCann -Wisteria
Cheryl L McClure -Scentimental
Andres Serrano Mendoza -Federico
Linda Miller -Black Beauty
Susie Monzingo -Noble Companion
Susie Monzingo -Kindred Spirits
Bob Obrian -Weathered
Jean Olliver -Touch of Red
Marybeth Otway -Madonna of the Northwest
Joseph Pena -Running Free
Joseph Pena -Sir Reginald Red Panda
Patrick Michael Reeves -Portrait Of Bella In Blue
Patrick Michael Reeves -Portrait Of Claire
Patrick Michael Reeves -Standing In Blue
Liz Rugg -Turtle Creek in Winter
Marsha M Schoenkopf -Arkansas Bird
Bob Shepherd -Fatal Allure
Bob Shepherd -Red
Steve Simcik -Balerina
Steve Simcik -Rainy Afternoon
Steve Simcik -Spring Bouquet
Linda K Smith -Afternoon Sky
James Swanson -The Dust Off
James Swanson -Boat and Piers
Lawrence Westby -BOOTQUET
Lawrence Westby -DOCKTOR
Julie Williams -Aida
Keith Williams -Taos Memory
Anne G Womack -Three Pears in Three Colors
Kyle Wood -Raccoon Mountain Spring
Kay Wyne -Blended Harmony
Kay Wyne -Overjoyed
Kay Wyne -Mixing It Up
Rebecca Zook -Bonaventure Angel
Rebecca Zook -Royalty


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