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Jones, Sheri


Landscape and Still Life Oil Painter

I have studied and painted for 30 years, constantly learning from many diverse artists through workshops and classes. I consider myself an impressionist painter and strive to create an accurate, but painterly look. I want you to see my brush stroke or wave of my palette knife. My goal is to push boundaries, growing through experimentation, variety and brush mileage.

I have grown to love the process of painting from life, whether it be outdoors or from a set up in the studio. Painting in the great outdoors creates an excitement within me that results in a fun dance with the brush or palette knife. Creating still life’s in the studio gives me control over color shape, form and design. My result is an explosion of color and energy. It’s an exhilarating and challenging adventure. I am inspired with the process and my gratitude to God for the artistic ability He has given me.

I currently have paintings in Dutch Art Gallery, Dallas, Texas; VITAS Inpatient unit at Baylor All Saints Hospital; VITAS Hospice, Dallas office and VITAS Hospice, Ft. Worth office. Original artwork brings beauty and warmth to our unit and provides a nice respite to the staff and patients.

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