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Zook, Rebecca


Acrylic artist and Native Texan Rebecca Zook grew up with an appreciation for the unique beauty that Texas offers. Wandering the trails, playing in the creek near her childhood home, and befriending every creature she encountered, Rebecca found a true love of nature from a young age. This connection is something that’s remained a part of her throughout her life and this love of the landscape and its inhabitants is expressed through each brushstroke. “Earth and Sky” as she calls her body of work, is a true labor of love for the artist. Rebecca hopes you enjoy these paintings and her written thoughts or poems that accompany each piece.

Rebecca has photographed clouds for close to 20 years, amassing a huge collection of source material with the intent of creating a series of paintings. She finally began these skyscapes in late 2015 and it is the current primary focus of her work. A sunset mural by Rebecca can be found in the Near Southside area of Ft. Worth.

“If you stop and watch the sky for any length of time, you realize how quickly it transforms itself. Clouds spring to life, change shape and dissipate right before your eyes. Sunrises and sunsets are the most dramatic. Almost second by second the colors grow and fade. My paintings capture one brief moment of that perpetually changing beauty.”

The local landscape and the textures found in it also capture her attention. Often, they are paired with her big skies and sometimes they are the primary focus.

“I’m drawn to Texas’ plentiful native grasses in particular. Watching the wind weave patterns through them and the gentle swaying provide me with a much needed calm. I stand among them and am reminded of the ocean. Great waves roll across the fields. Seed heads catch the sun and glow like breaking spray.”

Finally, Rebecca gets a great deal of joy painting animals, both the wild and the domestic variety. She and her husband have adopted many dogs, cats and parrots over the years as well as had large lizards as pets.

Rebecca has a BFA from Southern Methodist University. She also currently freelances graphic design, illustration, blog writing, and holiday decor design for a variety of businesses. She illustrated the children’s book “A Zebra Tale” for the Immune Deficiency Foundation to help children better understand their diagnosis. She was also chosen by Ft. Worth’s TexRail Commuter Rail Line to create 8 panels of artwork for their North Richland Hills Depot. It was installed in 2021.

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