Schroeder, Mike

Mike ‘s first interest in art as a child was copying newspaper comics and  attempting to do portraits of family members. During high school he pursued a more technical aspect of drawing in drafting classes. Mike’s first year at The University of North Texas was spent as an architecture major but his interest shifted to graphic design and fine art.
He began his career working for Point Communications as a production artist. After one year he moved to Eisenberg Pannell, and worked there as a graphic designer for three years, and then Pirtle Design for five years. Both design firms were nationally known and highly acclaimed. In 1986 he started his own design and illustration studio.
One of Mike’s illustration assignments was to paint oil portraits of pro football and baseball stars for Donruss Trading Card company. Five years and 160 portraits later, Mike’s new passion for oil painting and realism led him to pursue his fine art career.
Today Mike enjoys painting still life, landscape and portraits. Commissions are welcome.

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