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Malzahn, Jerry Valentine


Jerry began painting landscapes at the age of forty-eight. This created a journey of sensational events year after year. Painting his favorite scenes of Colorado from his Colorado home as well as Texas and the mountains of New England brought exciting and momentous changes in his life. As an artist, to win State Fair prizes, be accepted into the prestigious Salmagundi Club (the oldest Art Club in America), and to exhibit in Estes Park, Dallas and New York were amazing experiences. To receive the honor of painting an ornament for the White House Christmas tree and have a painting in the collection of the US Naval Academy Museum are all rewarding accomplishments. “However, for my paintings to be a part of Charles’ inspiration in creating his incredible composition is the greatest compliment an artist could garner!”

“In Denler’s ‘Portraits of Colorado’, if you love the mountains, you will feel the breeze, hear the streams, and want to life down in flower-filled meadows as you gaze up at towering peaks while listening to his unique and sublime melodies. And through divine coincidence I have painted for endless hours to his inspirational music. He believed that this artistic and personal friendship of theirs was akin to the great 19th century artist Thomas Cole and Ralph Waldo Emerson. I am a better painter for knowing and creating art from this great friend and composer, Charles Denler!”

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