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Secrest, Jacob T.


“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” ~ Edgar Degas

Growing up north of Dallas, my family would regularly vacation in the Tetons and Jackson Hole WY. This became a central subject of my early artwork. After moving to the Idaho side of the Tetons, I started my family, which allowed me to live in this beautiful part of the country surrounded by some of the most photographed/painted landscapes.

Ever since I can remember, artwork has played a huge role in filling my free time. Painting allows me to explore new perspectives, capture a time that I’d like to revisit, or express inner emotions. For many years, life and a young family drew me away from my passion. However, after getting through some difficult personal time, I rekindled that love for art as a means of personal satisfaction and the joy it brings to others.

The past few years have been incredible, with more than 300 pieces heading to new homes all over the country and multiple countries around the world. Aside from the countless hours making art, all of the unique commissions I receive allow me to explore other mediums, stretch my skills, and challenge me with new subjects. My kiddos and I are eternally grateful for all of the support we’ve found along this journey!


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