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Brooks, Hebe

Regardless of the level attained, the creative spirit of an artist can never stop learning. Artist Hebe Brooks is no exception to this rule. She seeks artistic knowledge at every opportunity, and she challenges herself to go further in pursuit of inspiration and development of technique. “My love for art has been present since my childhood when I spent endless hours drawing with ink or painting.”

Hebe who grew up in the windy and cold land of Patagonia, began traveling at an early age. As a student in Pennsylvania, painting was her favorite class. In college, she enjoyed art history and world culture classes. Upon graduation, she traveled extensively and worked in different parts of the world visiting art museums and archaeological sites from Europe to the Far East and all through the Americas. Learning other languages allowed her to imbue in the cultures where she lived and to share ideas and traditions that would have gone unnoticed without direct communication. A second college degree in Fine Arts-Studio Painting and Art History from the University of Houston with the banner carrier distinction for the School of Art led to the consolidation of her devotion to art.

Today Hebe’s work has several signature elements. One of these is her use of reflections, whether they are gracing a gleaming silver teapot in a still-life painting or a crystal-clear lake in a landscape. Hebe says her mission in depicting reflections is to engage viewers and cause them to question where the real object starts, where it ends, and what part of it is actually a reflection of something else. Another common element is her use of fabric twisting and turning its way through the artwork. Whether reflections or fabric, it is the passion for detail and perfection that sets her work apart. It is also this passion that has led to several awards and acceptances into esteemed juried exhibitions. Within the last years, her paintings have received numerous awards.

Total immersion in the art world is a concept she likes to pursue. Art writers have recognized Hebe’s work in local newspapers and national art publications. Her paintings have been published in catalogs, in the Important Artists of the World Juried Publication, and in the Studio Visit Book Publication. She has received the admiration of art patrons and it is part of private and public collections. She seeks the creative spirit and artistic knowledge at every step in her daily life.

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