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Gray, Marie


Art is a way of expressing my joy and love of color and the emotion it evokes. Many of my paintings focus on the people and the horses that have caught my eye throughout the years. So in my artwork I try to capture a little of their personality and spirit. I like to use a simple background enhanced with color to help draw the eye to the figure. I try not to tell the whole story in my work in order to let the viewer complete the story for themselves. The bright colors of the paints tell a partial story and the viewer fills in the rest with their own interpretation.

When I was younger I saw artwork created by other students and I thought “I want to do that too.” So that began my love of art and its rich history that still influences my artwork today. I believe my artwork and the subjects I use are influenced by my faith and how I was raised. Through painting I have found a way to visually portray the internal emotions I feel in my pursuit of a deeper and more profound relationship with the Creator.”

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