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Baecke, Florent

Florent Baecke (1922 – 2016)

Florent Baecke is a native of San Antonio, Texas. Born with a natural artistic ability, he developed it at a nearly age largely through study and observation. His formal art training came later.

He has a profound love for San Antonio and its historical and picturesque structures and landscapes. Although his works are not strictly traditionally Western, they capture the flavor of the region in which he lives and works. He derives his keen perception of his subjects from his love for them and his desire to share what he feels and sees with others.

After many years of practice, he has developed a technique and style that gives the viewer a feeling of satisfaction and peacefulness while observing his colorful sunlit scenes. It is for this style, which he does mostly with a palette knife, that he has become well known and sought after by collectors.

Mr. Baecke has won several coveted awards for his portrayal of familiar scenes of San Antonio and the Texas countryside. Among them are Coppini Academy of Fine Arts “Artist of the Year,” “Best Traditional Painting,” etc. His paintings can be found in many private collections throughout the United States as well as Canada and Europe.

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