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Finger, Gail

As a little girl Gail would spend hours drawing horses. She even taught classmates how to draw horses in elementary school. She always was trying to improve on her work and still does to this day.

She did faux finishes and trompe l’oeil for clients who sent her to different parts of the country to do work for them.

A couple of the high points of her career were when Architectural Digest’s photographer told her that her work was the best he had ever seen and the 6 ft x 12 ft double-sided painting of the client’s horse rearing up on sand blasted glass and mounted in a lighted wall with a copper frame around it was amazing.

During this time in her art career, she learned how to layer colored glazes for a deep rich special effect which later on in her career became part of her technique in her fine art.

Gail was published in Sculptures Gardens & Art Tour in the Upper East Side of Texas. She has shown her art in Horses in Art, where she won honorable mention, Gypsy Horse World, and Southwest Art magazines.  She has illustrated coloring books and stories, done murals, and much more.

She has developed a technique where she does her work in pastels and puts finishes over it so that it needs no glass when framed.

Specializing in pastels and acrylic glazes, Gail Finger’s goal is to create something unique that people will treasure always.

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