Finger, Gail

Gail Finger is a realistic artist who likes
to work in pastels, acrylic glazes, and 3D art on canvas, wood, suedeboard, and leather.

She did faux finishes and tromphe d’oeil for clients who sent her to different parts of the country to do work for them.

One of the high points of her career was when Architectural Digest’s photographer told her that her work was the best he had ever seen.

During this time in her art career she learned how to layer glazes for a deep special effect which later on became part of her technique in her fine art.

Later in life her efforts turned to fine art commissions. Although she can paint or draw about anything, she chose the direction of something she loves, which is horses and animals

She has developed a technique where she does her work in pastels and puts finishes over it so that it needs no glass when framed. She also does a mixed media of pastels and acrylic glazes.

Her goal is to create something unique for you that you will treasure always.

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