Rugg, Elizabeth

Liz Rugg was born in England. She has always had an interest in art, but it was not until she moved to Dallas in 2011 that she began to paint seriously.

Liz works in oils. Her primary subject matter is landscapes, inspired by places she has visited. Ever since a child, she has been fascinated by the daily and seasonal changes in the pattern, rhythm, and color of the landscape.  Often Liz deconstructs images into swatches of color that reflect the elements of the landscape. The outline of color elements serves to formalize the essential nature of the landscape and emphasizes the role color plays in our perception of the world.

Liz recently retired from a long career in science and higher education. Science can be a creative process, but it is bound by strict rules and protocols. Art is less constrained, and Liz enjoys the freedom to express her feelings.


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