With the temporary closing of the gallery we asked our artists to keep us posted on what’s going on in their studios so we could share it with you. If you haven’t been checking on our Facebook page and Instagram feed, you’ve missed new work, studio tours, videos and much more. Make sure to follow us on social media for all the latest news.

In place of our annual themed Spring Show, this year’s theme of Magic Hour | Sunrise and Sunset that has been moved to Fall, we invited our gallery artists to submit work 9X12 or smaller depicting their personal coping strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic for this online show. We hope you enjoy the artwork and stories that accompany them. The artist whose individual piece received the highest number of votes won a $100 gift certificate for framing.


A total of 668 votes were cast and we thank all of you that viewed this show and voted for your favorite piece. We hope you enjoyed the artwork and stories that accompany them. There was quite a battle between Bob’s piece and Deborah Stenberg’s “Arizona Solace” for most of the voting period. Bob pulled ahead near the end with a total of 205 votes to Deborah’s 163 and wins a $100 gift certificate for framing.

The show will remain online through Saturday, May 23rd. You still have time to view the work and support the artists by considering a purchase for your home or office. Custom framing options are available for all the work as well.

20 | Lost Off the 101 | B Shepherd
32 | Arizona Solace | D Stenberg
07 | Loving on Rosie | S Jones
37 | Sweet Boo | Beverly White
27 | Blue Iris | A McCann

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Prices are for unframed work.
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01 | Let’s Celebrate | Chris Brandley

Oil on Panel | 8×8 | SOLD

Unfortunately in our household coping with COVID-19 has involved way too much snacking! My daughter has found a new love and talent for baking (and she’s really good at it). It’s been quite hard to resist eating after smelling the wonderful cakes, pies and breads baking in the oven! In times like these, I’ve found it’s important to look for joy and celebrate the small things.

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02 | Texas Treat | Cecy Turner

Oil on Linen Panel | 9×12 | $500

It has been so good to meet my artist friends in Ennis to paint bluebonnets outdoors. We keep our social distance and there is no hugging or sitting right next to each other eating our picnic lunches! This was the second painting I did when we met on a private ranch we’ve painted on before, between Palmer and Bristol. The bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush were so thick and beautiful! And it’s great being outdoors during this stay-at-home time!

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03 | First Sign of Spring | Lauren Chan

Pastel on Specialty Paper | 8×8 | $200

Nothing says spring more than the fluorescent orange poppies blooming once the weather warms. In California, I love spotting poppies everywhere – especially during my walks throughout the neighborhood. Whenever I feel cooped up indoors, I’ve found a quick stroll does wonders to bring back inspiration and alleviate the anxiousness of our current times.

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04 | Vermilion Flycatcher | David Swantner

Oil on Panel | 8×10 | $350

The spring in the Texas Hill country brings a migration of songbirds. This spring is no different. Life marches on.

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05 | Go With the Flow | Linda Smith

Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas | 8×8 | $125

The Coronavirus has changed almost everything about our lives. Everyone, every age is affected. Other than taking care of ourselves, and keeping safe as best we can, there is nothing more we can do with our impossible situation. I believe that we must “Go With The Flow”. Accept our circumstances and wait for things to get better. Enjoy life as best we can. Adjust. Do what you like to do. Walk around the neighborhood or the park. Stop and smell the roses.

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06 | Hanging Out | Kay Wyne

Oil on RayMar Cotton Panel | 6×6 | $150

Painting memories from a recent trip to Naxo, Greece makes me happy.
While exploring the island, it was common to see laundry hanging out on the clothesline, as the wind would whip the clothing around. Here, I painted a memory as we stay at home during this COVID-19 pandemic..

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07 | Loving on Rosie | Sheri Jones

Oil on Linen Panel | 8×10 | $350

Now, during these times of required stay-at-home guidelines and pent-up frustrations, I cherish my precious pet, Rosie, who provides us with unconditional love and happiness.  Making the decision to bring home our Mini Aussie during this time was the best decision we could have made.  We were fortunate to adopt her at 10 weeks old in early February before the COVID-19 pandemic had set in. She is helping us get through the isolation period and will help us have good memories of this difficult time.

This is Rosie enjoying a belly rub in the warm sunlight.

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08 | The Sun Will Shine Again 1 | Dennis Crayon

Oil on Cradled Panel | 8×8 | $350

Though this time
Feels like its never-ending
Time will help and heal
These moments will pass

The Sun Will Shine Again from Beyond The Notes
lyrics: Sam Brown

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09 | Nick’s Roses | Beverly Parson White

Oil on Stretched Canvas | 8×8 | $325

My son’s roses on the bush he chose to buy at about ten years old. He is now 27 and the flowers keep coming. I have been isolated with no human touch for over six weeks as I am 70 with medical issues. Seeing and tending it during this time gives me hope.

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10 | Here Comes the Sun| Rebecca Zook

Acrylic on Panel | 8×8 | $400

The boundaries of our personal worlds may have dwindled due to COVID-19, but we can always look up to the skies to experience near infinity. The sunrise greets me each morning from the rear deck of my home and every time it breaks the horizon it brings a renewed sense of hope. Feeling confined? Turn your eyes to the skies and watch the clouds float by. This is my view, with a little selective editing of the homes that reside there.

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11 | Down by the Levy | Mike Schroeder

Oil on linen panel | 8×10 | $300

During the COVID-19 crisis going on walks or just taking a drive is a good way to get out for a while. On a drive I saw this little scene by the levy and went back to my studio for paints. A little plein air for a change.

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12 | Boundaries | Kay Wyne

Oil on RayMar Cotton Panel | 6×6 | $150

Feeling cooped up, restless and blah with the COVID-19 Pandemic and all of the restrictions that are in place, this abstract was created in the studio. I was exploring unusual color combinations. This painting is lacking energy and movement. Just the way I felt that day.

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13 | Shoshone Falls | Ed Crumley

Oil | 9×12 | $450

I am coping with my COVID-19 experience by painting small studies like these in the studio from subject matter gleaned from travels. Shoshone Falls is a beautiful place on the Snake River in Idaho and is called the “Niagara Falls of the West.” I enjoyed painting this small study, while thinking of the day soon to again be released to enjoy the outdoors instead of being cooped up in my studio because of the COVID-19 virus.

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14 | Taking It Easy | Gwen Bell

Oil on Panel | 6×6 | $175

During this stressful time, many people are struggling to adjust to being home all the time. As an Introvert, I have to admit I am thriving! While I miss being with my family, friends and workmates, I am thoroughly enjoying the time to relax and count my blessings. And nothing depicts “relaxation” better than a cat!

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15 | Spring Walk | Marybeth Otway

Oil on Canvas Panel | 8×10 |

One benefit to this quarantine is that it is occurring during wonderful weather. I walk the neighborhood, admire landscaping of front yards and look at the vast sky. Then I come in and paint!

16 | Marshmallow Cremes | Beverly Richmond

Oil on Linen panel | 12×9 | $299

I also believe it is vitally important during this time to be aware of the beauty around us. Because of these beliefs, I started on Easter Sunday to send each day an email with a painting of a “Moment Of Beauty” to a group of friends that we attend church with and share life with in hope that it would encourage them and brighten their day.

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17 | Hill Country Blues | Ann Rogers

Oil on Hardboard | 8×10 | $225

Longing for my annual bluebonnet trip to the Texas Hill Country, but the covid-19 virus is keeping me away this year. This Spring hill country painting quickly takes me there!

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18 | The Sun Will Shine Again 2 | Dennis Crayon

Oil on Cradled Panel | 10×8

And the tears and pain will fall away
Like blossom snow
You will know
That you can be your own best friend
The sun will shine again.

The Sun Will Shine Again from Beyond The Notes
lyrics: Sam Brown

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19 | My Little Friend | David Swantner

Oil on Panel | 8×10 | $200

Despite the tragedy of this Coronavirus pandemic, my little friend showed up to brighten my day.

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20 | Lost Off the 101 | Bob Shepherd

Oil on Panel | 10×8 | $250

This show came along at a good time.  Since the quarantine started, I’ve been doing a lot of painting, but I had reached a wall then the email invitation for this show came along.  I started going through my 16,813 photos to find that one that made me feel better and I found one I took on June 22, 2011. I had just retired and Donna and I took a trip unlike any I had ever taken, and Donna had longed for.  We went west with no itinerary, only one reservation, and NO COMPANY LAPTOP! About a week into the trip we were traveling north on the PCH, Pacific Coast Highway #101, north of San Francisco. We left the road for a very good reason. Donna wanted to. We found this little bridge, all overgrown, and leading nowhere. I had to take chances to even get the picture. I’ve always loved this picture, but for whatever reason I never painted it. As I looked at the photo, from quarantine, all I could think of was how I wish we could do things like this again. So I painted it with no thought to anything but how great that day felt. I know I’ve never painted a painting that made me feel better at a time we all need to feel better. Wouldn’t it feel great to be lost off the 101 right now?!

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21 | Stormy Skies | Linda Smith

Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas | 8×8 | $125

The Coronavirus has stormed into our lives, uninvited and unexpected, and somewhat taken over our city and our country. It’s made us fearful, angry, and disappointed with our current situation. But it has also as given us the opportunity to look for the silver lining. We now have the time to regain a sense of community with our neighbors, more time for gardening, repairs, and organizing. Now we have time to paint more pictures!

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22 | Gratitude In Grey | Gwen Bell

Oil on Panel | 6×6 | $175

There are so many layered feelings during this shut down. Shades of grey. I painted this Greyhound in a monochromatic grey palette to reflect these complex emotions. So many of us are missing our families and friends, the freedom to come and go as we wish, but at the same time we are so grateful and thankful if we are among the fortunate ones who have all our needs met when so many others do not. The gratitude far outweighs any inconvenience!

I also thought about Greyhounds as a breed and the gratitude they must feel when they are rescued from their abusive lives as racing dogs. Many meet an early death when they are no longer deemed profitable. The fortunate ones are adopted into loving families and live out the rest of their lives as pampered couch potatoes.

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23 | Untitled - Teton Valley, Idaho | Jacob Secrest

Acrylic on Panel | 8×10 | $315

The Idaho side of the Tetons is one of the most beautiful views in the country. I lived in Teton Valley for quite a few years but now live just over an hour away. One of the ways my kids and I cope with the quarantining is to get out on a drive and enjoy the scenery and nature, and we’ve already made the loop over through the valley for this view a couple of times.

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24 | Red and Green | Jean Olliver

Oil on Canvas | 8×10 | $475

Nothing makes me calmer and happier than flowers and gardens.This oil painting was done from a photo I took of my blooming porch plant which is a succulent of the aporophyllum classification [for the serious gardeners]. I especially loved the contrast between the red and green colors, so I named the painting “Red and Green”. Working on a floral painting is my best medicine for almost anything.

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25 | Mouse Pounce | Katherine Martinez

Pastel on Pastel Paper | 8×8 | $450

Since the outbreak there has been a surge of cat/dog related content and it’s understandable why. Who could say “no” to those angelic little faces? Our furry companions are with us through thick and thin and now more than ever do we depend on them for emotional support.

I personally have 3 “studio assistants” and as the days of uncertainty roll by its enjoyable to refresh my eyes and spirit with their playful little romps.

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26 | Thoughts of Blue | Cecy Turner

Oil on Linen Panel | 8×10 | $350

Painting outdoors has been very frequent for me during this stay-at-home time, whether I’m painting irises in my yard or nearby bike trail or painting bluebonnets in Ennis with artist friends on a private ranch we’re invited to every year. It’s so good to get outdoors, and this is my morning painting from an Ennis trip on April 16th.

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27 | Blue Iris | Ann McCann

Watercolor | approx. 7 X 10-1/4

On my daily walks through the neighborhood during this COVID 19 pandemic, I have seen so many beautiful irises, more than I can remember from the past.  It’s probably because we have had so much rain this spring.  I have been painting them in watercolor and calling them my Corona Irises!  Their beauty gives me optimism. This lovely blue-violet iris was one among many blooming in my own garden.

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28 | Happiness in a Can | Jacob Secrest

Acrylic on Canvas | 8×10 | $250

Luckily, every Spring I stock up on lots of household goods, so I’d stocked up on cleaning supplies and toilet paper literally days before the rush started. But I did have to hurry out and get the one other necessity required to survive the quarantine!

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29 | Wild View | Steve Miller

Oil on Panel | 8 x 10 | $295

To comply with the COVID-19 “social distancing” thing, I socially distanced my self from the entire metroplex and went out to the rolling hills near Ennis, Texas to paint God’s awesome real-world sculpture of Indian Paint Brushes and Bluebonnets. It was a real treat to escape the city and paint in the wide open spaces.

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30 | Nahiri's Gaze | Katherine Martinez

Oil on Panel | 9×12 | $750

Since the shelter in place order began, I wanted to do something on my Instagram to hopefully bring a little joy to my viewer’s day. I post daily pictures in my stories of my cats and family dog being all sorts of cute along with a favorite Spanish song of mine. It certainly has brought joy to my day, but also inspiration. Among the many images I wished to paint this one in particular caught my eye. This is Nahiri’s gaze when she’s just about to be cuddly.

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31 | Glorious Days Ahead | Pat Meyer

Oil on Linen Panel | 9×12 | $895

While viewing my  garden on this Easter Sunday afternoon not being able to get out and go to church or be with family and friends I discovered the first Rose Bloom of the year on my bush. Immediately my thoughts began to feel that there will be Glorious Days Ahead. This small sign of hope in the midst of all the difficulties we are enduring inspired the painting the very next day. The rose was clipped from the branches along with some other small flowers from the yard to put together this simple garden scene that Hope Endures.

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32 | Arizona Solace | Deborah Stenberg

Pastel on Oil Painted Sanded Panel | 8×10 | $400

This bird is a Curved Bill Thrasher, common in my home state of Arizona. Drawing this bird has given me much happiness during this time of isolation. Since my father passed away in 2015, my stepmother, Joy, has taken solace in hiking the Riparian Preserve in Gilbert, Arizona and communing with desert flora and fauna, especially the many beautiful birds that live there. She and I have had many conversations during this time of quarantine, reflecting on the time we spent with my father in Arizona. This bird brings me back to the desert landscape colors of the Phoenix Valley, and so many memories of my childhood and time with my family. The time spent drawing this has brought a little bit of peace and hope in my life. I dedicate this painting to Joy and pray that it brings some peace into her life, as well as everyone else who sees it.

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33 | Someone Call Wine One One | Susie Monzingo

Oil on Gallery Wrapped Canvas | 6×6 | $155

Sometimes during this pandemic I just have to sit on my patio with a glass of wine and tell myself, “This to shall pass” and it will.

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34 | Winter Blooms | Beverly Richmond

Oil on Linen panel | 8×10 | $225

I believe we live in a world overflowing with beauty that words alone do not have the power to describe. As we look around us we see sights, hear sounds, smell aromas, and feel sensations that have the power to comfort and sooth, move and inspire. Ansel Adams said it this way, “I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful. An endless prospect of magic and wonder.”

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35 | Hay Bales | Ed Crumley

Oil | 8×10 | $350

I am coping with my COVID-19 experience by painting small studies like these in the studio from subject matter gleaned from travels. Hay Bales is a plein air study of a scene on artist Dena Wenmohs’ ranch near Marble Falls, Texas where I and many other artists have long benefited from painting. I look forward to painting there again when this COVID-19 isolation thing is over.

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36 Bird Bath Garden | Ann McCann

Oil on Panel | 8×8 | $250

I pass by this lovely garden every day on my daily walks during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It was planted by students at the local elementary school and is blooming with red poppies and bluebonnets. I think the garden misses all the little children visiting it at every recess.  I’m glad I get to enjoy it.  It has inspired many poppy paintings on my part!

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37 | Sweet Boo | Beverly Parson White

Oil on Stretched Canvas | 8×8 | $325 

Boo is a seven year old golden/cocker spaniel mix that I have had since he was a puppy. He is not my only dog, but he has really stepped up. I am isolated in my home with only my pets. Boo has been a huge support for me during isolation. No human touch for over six weeks. He has become a hugger and never leaves my side. I am thankful.

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38 | Water Lily Wine Glass | Susie Monzingo

Oil and Gold Leaf on Gallery Wrapped Canvas | 6×6 | $155

When I need to take a retreat from the madness, I dream of my trip to Paris with two of my Lifelong girlfriends. I picture the Monet’s and  and the stunning museums and the art.

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39 | Versailles Park | Ann Rogers

Oil on Canvas Hardboard | 9×12 | $295

Versailles Park is in the heart of Dallas, filled with azaleas and dogwood in the Spring. It’s a favorite for family and bridal portraits, and of course, plein air painters! My young children used to refer to it as Echo Park, because if you talked standing in the middle of the gazebo, you could hear your echo!

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40 | Robin Eggs | Marybeth Otway

Oil on Canvas | 8×8 | $90

During the quarantine, I’ve enjoyed my morning walks and I see many robins ushering in spring.

41 | Garden Zen | Rebecca Zook

Acrylic on Panel | 8×10 | $450

I’m pretty much an introvert and freelance from home, so the COVID-19 self-quarantine has not changed my daily routine in that respect. Being in a high-risk category for the virus has weighed heavily, though, and I worry about what happens to me and others like me when the rest of the world returns to normal. Garden therapy is my distraction of choice. There is something about digging in the dirt that brings calm. It doesn’t matter if it’s building a new garden bed, adding and moving plants or even weeding. I enjoy it all. My senses are engaged. Rosemary, lavender, oregano and mint grow in various beds. A slight brush against them releases their fragrance. Jasmine is just beginning to bloom. Birds sing all around me. Bees buzz and flutterbys (butterflies) flit by. I run my hands through the soil and I feel the different textures of the plants. Beauty is all around. One or more of my cats always join me in the garden offering various levels of ‘help’. My garden is truly where I find Zen and I reconnect to the natural world.

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42 | Small Quiet Stream | Hebe Brooks

Oil on Canvas | 9×12 | $800

As an artist, being alone creating art in my studio has been and is my life. Hours and hours pass in solitude just holding the pencil or the paint brush in my hand; however, this small Plein Air painting is a memory of what is beyond my studio, a reminder of nature, walks with family and friends beyond the walls that encompass the solitude of creativity; a proof of what we miss during these times of COVID-19

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43 | Lavender Picnic | Chris Brandley

Oil on Panel | 9×12 | $350

After the guilt of eating all of the wonderful baking my daughter has been doing during our isolation time, I feel the need to get out on my bike to try to make up for the extra pounds!

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44 | Sunflower Bouquet | Jean Olliver

Oil On Canvas | 8X10 | $475

The aptly named “sunflower” always feels like a bit of sunshine has arrived. They are fun to paint, and I sure wish I had a bunch right now. There is nothing nicer than working from a live bouquet of flowers. The Indian pottery was a gift from my husband and I am proud to say that I raised the red pepper in my own garden. This little painting was a joy to paint.

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