If you’re on our e-mail list or see our ads in the White Rock Lake Weekly newspaper, you’ll notice that we often say, “we can frame anything” and here’s an example.

This powerful painting by Arturo Gonzalez Murga, that recently sold in the gallery, is comprised of multiple canvases set in a cross shape. They weren’t quite square, so Framing Specialist Nic Massar used his talent and mad math skills to custom build this frame. It compliments the painting without distracting from its impassioned nature.

Quote from the Custom Framing Guru:
“This unique and beautiful painting by Arturo Gonzalez Murga came across my workbench the other day. After building a prototype I became familiar with the exact dimenaions that needed to be cut and here is the final result using one of our Distressed metallic floater mouldings. I was a little cross when I first started this project but I hung in there and nailed in the end!”