03-27-20 UPDATE:
Due to Shelter-In-Place Order. We are currently closed to both walk-in and by appointment business. If you have a framing project coming up or are interested in purchasing artwork, please email Pam Massar at to make future arrangements.

In uncertain times our minds can be clouded with worry or fear and we might forget that silver linings exist. Find the beauty in your everyday life to provide needed balance. The clouds will part and we will find ourselves in the sun again.

We are very sensitive to this critical situation and we plan to take precautions to keep our facility safe for our employees and customers. The Gallery plans to be open this coming week for regular business hours. We will keep you updated if business hours should change.

Open Tues-Sat | 9:30am to 5pm

“Thunderhead Over the Plateau” by Layne Johnson

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