You have one or more works accepted into the Dutch Art Gallery Spring Juried Show “Thinking Outside the Box”. A complete list of the accepted work is at the bottom of this email. It is in alphabetical order. The list is also on our website and Facebook page. Please carefully read the instructions below and view the calendar of important dates/deadlines. We apologize for being a day late with the notifications. An invitation to display work during ArtScape at the Dallas Arboretum meant setup and a special VIP Event fell in the middle of our show jurying process.

Please respond to to acknowledge that you have received and read this email.

You will receive TWO additional follow up emails:

One will contain promotions materials, graphics and text to share with your contact list and on social media about the show. We are compiling the accepted works images to send to our marketing person to create these materials, so please be patient.

The other email will be sent once we have the images and information uploaded to our website. We will ask you to look over and confirm everything is correct. This same information will also appear on the wall tags that accompany your piece in the gallery display.

Carefully read over the shipping and drop off information as well as make sure you include ALL the necessary paperwork for your accepted work with your piece(s). Please consider sending a miniature, original artwork to give away in our customer Goody Bags. All we need is one, but some of you have been industrious in the past and sent more! You still can if you like.


24 | Wed | Notifications
24 | Wed | Delivery of Accepted Work begins

04 | Sat | Delivery DEADLINE for Accepted Artwork
10 | Fri | Guest Jurors visit the gallery to judge accepted pieces
16 | Thurs | Deadline for delivery of miniature art items for Goody Bag
18 | Sat | 11am-6pm | Opening Reception and Awards Event – awards announcement at 2pm for artists, collectors, dealers and friends
18-July 6 | Exhibition and sales open to the general public

06 | Sat | Last full day of show
09 | Tues | Painting Pick-Up. Local artists may pick up unsold work at Dutch Art Gallery and will not be subject to shipping charges. Unsold works will begin being shipped back to artists in original boxes.


Art Entry. Art entry may only be exhibited in the medium(s) in which they were accepted. Only the specified accepted art entries will be displayed.


As per the prospectus, all art entries must be for sale and delivered to the Gallery without framing.

Standard Sizes: Standard-sized artwork will be framed for the duration of the show by our framing specialists. Frames will be removed for return shipping of unsold works. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing the frame and the Artist Discount will be honored.

Standard Sizes Watercolor: Watercolors please provide standard, frame-sized matting.

Custom Sizes: If your artwork is NOT a standard size, please provide a custom frame and include the price of the frame along with the unframed retail price on your inventory form and index card. Email us a photo for frame pre-approval. If your art entry is a custom size and requires framing you may, at your own expense, have the Gallery produce a custom frame. Artist Discount will be honored.

Gallery Wrap: Does not require framing. Gallery wrap must be painted on all sides either a solid color or an extension of the painting. Minimum 1-1/2″ on all sides as stated in online prospectus. Please provide hardware and wire.

If unsure, please call us at (214) 348-7350.


  • Gallery Contract
    Please complete and return via email. ALL artists must sign the gallery contract, including existing gallery artists who have previously signed a contract. Also provide printed version with your artwork.
  • Inventory Form – with embedded/thumbnail photos of artwork
    Please complete and return via email. Fill in all pertinent information and including a PHOTO thumbnail of the art in the appropriate space on the form. The thumbnail photo is essential. Also provide printed version with your artwork.Instructions: Click on the sample thumbnail images to delete them and simply drag your image file from your desktop into the area the sample thumbnail was in and it should automatically appear in the box.If you need assistance, please call the gallery and someone will walk you through the process. You can also view this video (no sound) to see how simple it is to drag and drop photos and edit the text. WATCH VIDEO Gallery Contract and Inventory Form should be sent to BOTH and
  • Index Card 
    Each piece must be clearly labeled. On the back of work tape an index size card with the following information clearly written or typed:
    – Artist’s name
    – Title of the work
    – Unframed Retail Price
    – Unframed size of the work
    – Custom Frame Price (if applicable)
    – Media
    -Artist StatementLINK TO FILES:

    Note DAG Artists: Contract Form has been updated. Please download and use this form rather than any file you may already have.

Our regular hours are Tuesday through Saturday 9:30am-5pm.
Your work needs to arrive at the gallery between Wednesday, April 24th and Saturday, May 4th whether you are shipping or hand delivering. Secure your works in bubble wrap and/or other shipping materials to avoid possible damage. We recommend artists apply the postal insurance if you are shipping by mail. If hand delivering, check in with gallery staff when you arrive with your work.

GALLERY ADDRESS for shipping and hand delivery:
Dutch Art Gallery
Thinking Outside the Box
10233 E. Northwest Highway, Suite 420
Dallas, Texas 75238

OPENING RECEPTION & PROMOTION: Saturday, May 18th from 11am until 6pm.
Awards presentation at 2pm

  • You will receive a digital invitation featuring select, accepted work and online promotional images fit for Facebook/Instagram.
  • Postcards will not be available this year. A limited number will be produced for gallery client walk-ins. Email and online promotions have proven to be as effective.
  • All Accepted Artwork will be displayed on our website. We will notify you when it is up.
  • We provide refreshments for this event, but also request that artists attending provide non-perishable snacks or beverages. If you are unsure what to bring, please contact Gwen Bell at

We are also sending out a press release, posting in online and print event calendars, emailing existing gallery clients and promoting via our social media accounts. We are working hard to get the word out about the show, but we need your help too. Invite clients, friends and family and post on your social media as well.

SPECIAL REQUEST: The first (around 25) patrons through the door on the official opening day of Saturday, May 18th receive a special gift bag that includes a miniature (no larger than 5″x7″) original artwork by our show artists. Though it is not required, we would ask that you donate one small original piece for the gift bags. This needs to arrive at the gallery by Thursday, May 16th. Artists and artist’s family are not eligible for the gift bags.

Accepted artists will be provided with online graphic invitations to use for their personal Facebook, Instagram and email accounts. The show will be advertised online, in social media and press releases sent to local publications. All accepted work will be showcased on our website.

We sincerely appreciate your participation in this event and anticipate a fabulous display of artwork for this exhibition. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this event, please contact us. Congratulations, and we look forward to an exceptional show.

Pam Massar
Dutch Art Gallery Owner and Manager

Phone 214-348-7350


Gallery Staff:


and finally…


Daryoush Ababaf The Jaguar | French County View
Carol l Acedo French County View
Gwen Bell Wishful Thinking | Synchronicity
Tina Bohlman Purple Passion | Pink Splash
Hebe Brooks Orchids with Tea Time | Artist DNA Strand | Life as a Flash  #14
Cynthia Coldren Contextures 1
Ed Crumley Red Coop
Steve Danner Think Outside the Box | Long Horn
Laurieann Dygowski Thinking Outside the Popcorn Box | Dragonfly In The Sun
Gail Finger Nature’s Hidden Treasures | Old Man of the River
Arturo Gonzalez Escape life
Sharon Hodges See You See Me
Ardie Hollowell Music in the Mountains
Duke M. Horn The Eggs of My Inheritance | LIVE!…At Fair Park
Layne Johnson The North Wind | Moonlight Magic
Sheri Jones Kaleidoscope Bike Abstracted
Debra Keirce Out of the Box | Taking Flight
David Krause Reflections of Winter | Early Riser | Red
Roberta Bernardine Mallard Aunt Susan’s Crochet, Tulips and Morning Sun
Diane McNabb Cityscape
Reid McNabb Vase with Leaves
Pat Meyer Fly Away
Susie Monzingo A Moment in Time | 3’s a Crowd
Crystal Nelson Succulents on Parade
Kenneth Ray Newsom Funky Fall Trees
Lauren Nishioku A Beautiful Day | A Canopy of Wildflowers
Jean Olliver Bouquet in a Box | Pottery in a Box
Gayle Ormon Fearless
Marybeth Otway Ram Bunctious
Jim Phipps FIRST SNOW | Hill Country Spring
Barron Postmus Time Zones | Birth
Patrick Michael Reeves Morning at Heisler | Bella No. 15 | New York No. 58
Beverly Richmond Unidentified Flying Castle (UFC)
Martin Sanchez Yo dog. Let’s party! | The many moods of Dani
Bob Shepherd Crystal Blue Persuasion | Zillie Bean
Steve Simcik Glass Table I | Coffee and Donuts
Linda K Smith Sunrise of the Bay | Prairie Sunset
Deborah Stenberg Cintron
Jana Swart Kintsugi
Ellie Taylor At The Fair
Beverly Parson White Curiosity
Kay Wyne Whirl


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