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Moseley, Suzanne


Suzanne Moseley is a classically trained, award-winning artist, who has developed an art style reminiscent of the Baroque Art era and realism. This shows best in her usage of light and heavy shadow to accentuate her composition. She uses a balance and combination of minute, realistic detail and rough painterly strokes, with rich color and lighting to direct the viewer’s eyes. Suzanne enjoys using composition to tell the story of her artwork. Even with what may appear as a simple portrait, the smallest detail is approached with careful consideration.

Her greatest joy is oil painting, though she does not limit her art to the one medium type.
In order to allow access to her art for a range of prices for buyers, Suzanne offers work in most mediums and a variety of sizes and art surfaces from paper to canvas, or even glass or metal.

As an added treat for her collectors, and as a thank you gift, Suzanne often offers edited videos of her paintings coming together.


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