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Williams, Keith

Originally from Northern California, Keith Williams spent most of his life in Texas. He is an art professor and a professional artist who has earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors from Southern Methodist University in 2001 with an emphasis on drawing, painting and printmaking. From 2001 to 2003, he was a resident artist in sculpture at SMU. In 2006, he earned a Masters of Fine Arts degree with honors with an emphasis on drawing and painting.

The subconscious mind and the dream state heavily influence his painting and drawing in figure, portrait and landscapes. The element of time and movement are important concepts in William’s artwork. Deconstructing the composition allows him to think how to rebuild the structure in a different understanding or from another viewpoint.

From the Artist:
My art deals with figures and environments. I incorporate images of people, animals, and landscapes to create visual narratives. The ideas: progression, time, and movement influence my work. I feel that art should possess skill as well as a reason. When I create art I think about deconstructing form. I paint like a sculptor. By thinking in the round I am able create a complex composition. I consider the different planes in space. The concept of breaking form down and reconfiguring it is integral to my drawing and painting.

The subject matter in my art is reactionary to my concerns with the world and things going on around me. Psychological tension is an important factor in my painting and drawing that helps engage the viewer. The viewer should question what is going in my artwork. By creating in a surrealist fashion my pieces can change and layer. There is a certain autonomy that occurs. The concept of the dream state and the unconscious mind is very important. By viewing my work collectively a greater plot arises. Cubist and surrealist notions heavily influence me. Classical artwork, including baroque, art is important to me.

Since 2008, he has been teaching fine art as an adjunct professor at Richland Community College. Teaching Painting 1 through Advanced Painting and Mixed Media. In these classes, he introduces color mixing, color theory, various drawing and painting techniques, as well as, figure drawing and the anatomy of the face.

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