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Latham, Debra

Debra Latham, an award-winning artist, has her work displayed in public & private collections in the United States and abroad. Her representational work can be described as, impressionistic realism with a loose and expressive style. Everything from landscape to figurative, plein air to studio pieces can be found in her body of work. Oil is her medium of choice, because she loves the richness of the colors that you can only get from oil.

She teaches oil painting in Kingwood, Texas where she lives with her husband. Debra is a native Texan and much of her inspiration comes from her travels and the family farmhouse in the Texas Hill Country. She’s always been somewhat of an artist and designer growing up. She won her first of many art competitions in the 5th grade. At the age of 12, she received her first commission to paint a mural on the gym wall of her middle school.

Debra recalls, “The only compensation was to skip basketball practice twice a week. It was probably best. I was a better painter than basketball player.”

Being creative became an obsession for her. However, she didn’t pursue becoming a professional artist until her two children were older. Debra is a self-taught artist and studied with Dan Gerhartz, Rob Liberace, Clayton J. Beck and Jeff Legg. Some of her favorite artists are: John Singer Sargent, Sorrolla, Pino, David Leffel, Nydia Lazano, Daniel Gerhartz and Robert Coombs.

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