Gallery Assistant/Custom Frame Designer

The Dutch Art Gallery is currently accepting applications for a Gallery Assistant/Custom Frame Designer position. We are looking for an outgoing, cheerful, and detail-oriented individual to become a member of our close-knit team. Artistic experience, while not required, is highly valued. This is an exciting opportunity for anyone looking to learn more about the day-to-day operations of a gallery, as well as custom frame design.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Customer Service: This includes greeting customers entering the gallery; assisting customers with framing requests, artwork purchases, etc.; answering the Gallery phone (including customer inquiries and follow-ups); and any other customer contact that is necessary to conduct the business of the Gallery.
  • Custom Frame Designing: Assist customers with custom frame design projects and calculate the pricing on orders. Must have a good eye for color and general aesthetics.
  • Cleaning and Organizing: Vacuuming, dusting, freshen flowers, taking out trash, etc. Regularly make sure all items on the Gallery floor are priced correctly. Swap out and install ready-made frames to keep artwork looking fresh!
  • Website Management: Adding/Deleting/Editing product listings on the Dutch Art Gallery website, assist Graphics and Marketing Specialist with social media posts, enter customer/artist email addresses through Mailchimp.
  • Art Show Coordination: The Dutch Art Gallery regularly hosts a variety of shows showcasing various artists’ work. Responsibilities associated with these shows include organizing show paperwork; uploading entry images and information into the web-site; organizing inventory sheets/contracts; managing correspondence with artists and other communications with Dutch Art Gallery staff; and assisting with packaging and mailing returning art to artists.


  • Applicants must be detail-oriented, punctual, and outgoing.
  • While not required, artistic experience is highly valued and appreciated.
  • Applicants should have experience with the following: Microsoft Word; Excel; Photoshop (not required but a plus), Photograph, Social Media (Facebook and Instagram primarily); and WordPress (not required but a plus)
  • Must be willing to learn and abide by gallery procedures, including: Frame touch up, quality control and working along side framers to assure the best quality – communicating with framers on customer orders, assist with organizing – mats, mouldings, ready-made frame room (dusting and straightening).
  • Any other applicable skills are always welcomed and encouraged! A few examples: the repair and cleaning of oil paintings, faux deckling paper, experience with sewing.

Please email for any inquires or to schedule an interview (include resume with email).

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