“And I did not know her name, but I sure love the way that she laughed and took my money”
-“Silver Train” by the Rolling Stones.


While digging through old belongings this customer came across his concert ticket from the 1978 Rolling Stones Tour and a 100 dollar bill. Memories flooded back. He and his friend had purchased 4 tickets. Two for themselves and two more to scalp (not illegal at the time/place) in the hope of recouping the cost of all 4 tickets.

Standing outside the venue, a cute girl approached him asking if she could buy a single ticket. He gave in. She handed him the folded hundred, took the ticket and immediately dashed away. He looks down and unfolds the bill. It’s a fake.

He finds a cop and explains the story. The cop has to stay by the entrance, but tells him that he is welcome to wait for the girl to check in and point her out. It’s not long before he spots her. “That’s HER! That’s the chick that gave me the fake bill!” She makes eye contact. Seeing him with the cop, she hangs her head in shame and walks toward them. Apologizing profusely, she gives him back the ticket.

So here we are, 40 years later, framing the concert poster, a ticket stub and the fake $100 bill, but what we are really framing is a memory.

We can help you frame your own memories. Call us at 214-348-7350 or just stop by the gallery, located in Dallas, with the items you want framed. We’d love to hear the stories behind them.

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