A HUGE thank you to the artists, clients, family and friends who attended the opening reception today. Here are the winners for those who were not present at the awards. The show runs through December 21st, so come by the gallery to see ALL the incredible work…or to see it again.

We’d also like to thank our 3 jurors for the Keepin’ It Real Juried Show. Their time, consideration and expertise has been much appreciated.

Chris Blackhurst maintains a working studio in Dallas and is the Art Gallery Director for Texas A&M Commerce. She has a BFA in Ceramics and a minor in Art History from Texas A&M Commerce and a Masters of Art in Art from the University of Dallas. Susan Brook is an Interior Designer who believes in creating elevated living spaces that support happiness, create inspiration and provide comfort. Through interior design she has had the privilege of working as a set decorator for film and television, working on projects for Walt Disney®, historic preservation and much more in addition to commercial and residential interiors. Francene Carwell is an art collector. Her love and appreciate of art was instilled by her parents. Her father was an artist and she was exposed to many forms of art during their travels. She has a deep appreciation for the talents of artists and has continued to travel and build her collection of pieces from around the world.

Never A Dull Moment by Katherine Martinez
36×48 | Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

Juror Christine Blackhurst’s Statement:
“I was drawn to Katherine Martinez work, Never a Dull Moment, by her masterful use of color, light, and skewed perspective which are delightful to the senses. Martinez gives us a window into her mind and soul, the heart of her creativity, her studio. I found myself intrigued by the subtle art historical references that abound from reclining figures to skulls, shells, and the “painting within a painting” expression. Then there are those wonderfully pesky cats. Who of us do not have distractions? My bet is that we all are tempted to lose focus and become distracted by the “shiny” things in our lives, be they people, pets, or objects. Martinez shows us that we must remain focused, delight in the distractions yet soldier on.”


Moonlit by Suzanne Moseley
22×28 | Oil on Canvas

Juror Christine Blackhurst’s Statement:
“There is a sense of quiet in Suzanne Moseley painting, Moonlight. It is almost as if the viewer must approach the painting carefully so as not to disturb the scene. Moseley’s dramatic use of light and dark creates a sense that, if we remain still, we will hear the horse munching on the short grass unaware of our presence. Moseley’s closely cropped image creates a dynamic visual tension yet her skillful and sensitive brushstrokes gives us a sense that we could reach out and touch the silky texture of the horse’s cheek.”

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A Quick Meeting At the Water Cooler by Lauren Chan
16×12 | Pastel on Specialty Paper

Juror Christine Blackhurst’s Statement:
“Lauren Chan’s drawing, A Quick Meeting at the Water Cooler, is a chance to witness nature at its finest captured at a moment in time. Chan took me to my kitchen table looking through the bay window watching hummingbirds feast.”


Horseplay by Debra Lalumia
24×30 | Watercolor on Watercolor Paper

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