Whirl by Kay Wyne


Original Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
48×60 Unframed

“Whirl” is experimental. It is unique and expressive. I toned the canvas, and started a contour drawing a seashell that John and I picked up on the beach at Seabrook Island, SC.
I was blindfolded at my easel as I transferred the details of the ridges, lines and shapes of the 4 to 5 inch shell onto the 4 foot by 5 foot canvas. As I concentrated on the details of the shell, I got lost in the process. The lines were distorted, but deliberate. Once the canvas was completely covered with charcoal, I allowed myself to take the blindfold off and start applying color with big brushes, palette knives, and rubber tools. The color palette is soft and harmonious, with thick and thin layers. I mixed and mixed my colors—nothing is straight out of the tube. I started to draw with charcoal into the wet paint, giving it variety and detail. I see and feel the beach when I look at this painting, although some viewers have seen other images. “Whirl” is a contemporary abstract painting that pushed me out of my comfort zone, exploring and challenging me…outside the box.

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