Silent Landing by Gwen Bell


Original Oil on Panel
10×10 Unframed

All Owls have incredible sight, but I was surprised to learn that they mainly depend on their exceptional hearing to hunt. The Barn Owl has the keenest ears of all. Their hearing is so acute that they can detect a mouse’s heartbeat in a 30-feet square room! Its unique, satellite shaped face feathers funnel sound into its asymmetrical ears, one picking up sounds above, the other, sounds below simultaneously. Their flight is totally silent from take-off to landing. The unfortunate target never sees it coming.

I relate to this owl because I have unusually acute hearing. When living in a two story house I could actually hear what people downstairs were whispering …from upstairs! I used to attempt to describe my hearing by saying I have “Bat Ears” but now I will start saying “Owl Ears”!

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